Summer Wish list: June 2012

My budget for June is pretty strict, but that doesn't mean a girl can't window shop, right? I'll admit it: I can be a bit covetous sometimes. But I've exercised a lot of self-control lately, which makes me feel a bit proud. However, these three items might make me break my resolve. 

1. Cumulus Laude Dress, ModCloth. This dress... it's perfect, right? Ok, I know the last thing I need is another polka dot dress. But it's so cute and summery. And it has a bow! And it's pale dusty blue! 

2. Heart & Bow Ring Set, Forever 21. I've been really into rings lately. I've been looking for a good, dainty bow ring ... and I really like this one. It comes in a set, but, what? $4? I think I'll take the other two as well! 

3. Bow Romper, Forever 21Can we talk about that romper for a moment? If I actually acquire anything extra in the month of June... it will be this romper. It is perfectly. It's... so... perfect. I don't even really have words. It's just so cute. Look at that little bow tie!

In other news, the hourly countdown is on: Danny will be here tomorrow and I am freaking out inside. I can't believe it. I really can't believe it was almost a year ago today that I left Idaho for good! It still feels like I just left Danny standing outside his house as I drove away. (Even remembering that makes me feel teary -- I bawled like a baby driving down the street!) 

Hope you all have a great Saturday! Do you have a summer wish list? 


  1. Bow ties seem to be a theme here, haha

    Your blog is wonderful- I put it on the blogroll on my blog :)

    1. Thank you! :] Very sweet of you. And yes, bows are definitely a theme, haha... :]

  2. these are super cute summer items :) Yay for Danny. I hope you guys have an amazing time together! No more distance.

  3. this polka dot dress is absolutely delightful. it would be perfect for summer. i love polka dots.x


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