Sundress & Denim

Happy Saturday! Danny and I are having a lazy day today. We had to run into the post office this morning because of a strange note that was left in our new PO box. Yesterday, I worked until noon, which was really nice, and then Danny and I went shopping, to lunch, and to see the Avengers. I had been wanting to see it since Danny went in Idaho and I'm glad we went -- it was really good! Danny loves superheroes and comic books, and I never really appreciated comic book movies until Danny and I started dating. But I've enjoyed pretty much every superhero movie since then. 

Dress, American Eagle
Denim Jacket, H&M 
Brown sandals, Matalan (giveaway win)

I've been itching to wear a sundress lately. I had to try to remember where I'd packed all my summer clothes away to! This is one of those strictly summer dresses -- or at least it used to be! I've thought of a few other ways to wear it today so far. Yesterday while shopping, I found a sleeveless chambray shirt with white polka dots in Forever 21 -- but there was only one and it was an extra small. I'm pretty small on top, but not extra! I've found a similar (long sleeved) one on the website that I might actually get. I know I'd wear it a lot... I mean, polka dots! But I keep thinking how cute a chambray shirt would look tied over dresses, especially my summer sundresses. 

I need to talk about something briefly that really been bothering me since my last blog post. Here's the thing: I talk about my feelings about my body on this blog a lot. I'm not asking for compliments or reassurance (ok, sometimes I am). But, here's the thing: my body is my body. And as nice as it is for people to tell me I look nice no matter what, no one else lives in my body, or has to dress it. No one knows how my clothes fit, or how comfortable they feel, or how I think they look except, well, me. A lot of my feelings about fashion are tied to my own body image, both positively and negatively, and so I can never separate the two. Right now, I'm trying to lose weight; and I'll be honest, it's entirely motivated by the fact that I hate how my clothes fit and feel right now. I appreciate if you think I don't need to lose an extra few pounds, but please refrain from lecturing me about it or telling me that my views are unhealthy or that I shouldn't do something. I know my body better than anyone else, because it's mine; I spend every day with it! I want what I want and right now I just want to feel better about my body. And yes, losing weight will get me there. 

(I know people seriously disagree with that last statement. But again, I'm only speaking for myself. I only know my own body. No one else.) 

Well, aside from that serious little note, I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday! 


  1. Well you are beautiful, but if you want to lose weight I think it should be up to you. Just as long as you're doing it safely, I don't see a problem.

  2. Hey, I'm totally with you. People said things like that when I was overweight and unhappy with my body. When I lost weight (30 lbs over a year) I felt like a completely different person. So much of my old confidence was back. Not to mention, I was unhealthy. I don't think it's wrong at all to lose weight healthily. I started blogging because I felt better about my body image and that would have never happened where I was before.

  3. Losing weight seriously changed my life for the better. You're so right. You know your body best and if you're losing weight healthily (took me a year to lose 30 lbs) then I think you're doing the right thing for you.

  4. I think you look beautiful whatever you look like - I didn't even notice that you'd put on weight! But it's your body and your decision if you want to lose weight, I can totally understand what you mean, even a few lbs can make your clothes feel entirely difference and make a big difference to you when you look in the mirror. And I think that we all know that you're mature enough to make your own decisions and not to get obsessed and take it too far.
    Anyway, the outfit! I think this dress is amazing, it's so cute and really suits you, it looks so fun with the denim jacket =)

  5. You look so cute in that dress, the style and shape really fit you. :)


  6. your hair is adorable :) love the outfit too, and I'd like to lose some weight as well! You're right, it really does give a confidence boost especially for the summer :) xxx

  7. super cute outfit :)

    Just found your blog and love it already <3 Now following!



  8. This is a really sweet and simple outfit. I totally agree with you on the body points and think you should do what will make you happier. Good luck with it all!



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