Chambray Memories

Top and Skirt, Forever 21
Cardigan, Old Navy
Pumps, Target

Chambray reminds me of my grandfather. Maybe because it's a worker's fabric, or it was, until fashion stole it. It's still a common work shirt fabric: it's sturdy, almost anything washes out of it, it takes a long time to wear thin, but it's also easy to patch. When I think of chambray, I still think of my grandpa coming home from work at lunch while I was at my grandma's house, sitting on the porch steps next to him as he ate his lunch. He smelled like sawdust and gasoline; the smell, it seemed, was permanently attached to his chambray shirts. This top is chambray with printed polka dots and more than anything, it makes me think of my grandfather. Even though it has polka dots on it. 

I was so excited to get this top and it is everything I really wanted it to be. It's pretty much the perfect summer top -- mainly because there is something so 90s about it. Sleeveless button up, you know. I knew I wanted to wear it with something simple at first just to really let it shine, but I have so many ideas for outfits now based around this top! Some of them are definitely weekend outfits though, so I'll be doing photos this weekend and wearing them out and about. 

More exciting news: I'm a total creep! Yesterday at work, I was sent to the main office to drop off some things. There, I met the new girl, who looked so familiar, but I couldn't figure out from where. Back at my work, I was talking to one of my coworkers and asked if she knew the new girl's name. She told me and I thought, "Well, that sounds familiar. I do know her! But from where!?" Last night, just as I was about to go to sleep, I sat up and said, "She's a blogger!" I know her from her fashion blog! I feel like a total creep, but I'm also ridiculously excited to mention it the next time I see her. Who would have thought?

Speaking of blogging and memories of my grandfather, yesterday I went on a wee rant about giving outfit photos vintage effects -- or, basically, making them look old. One part of me appreciates the effect -- I mean, it's very pretty! -- but another part of me wonders why someone would buy a $1,000 camera only to put effects on the photos to make them look like they were taken by a cheap camera in 1968! I mean, I believe in letting photos and contemporary colors speak for themselves. However, I tried a tutorial by Tieka on adding effects. I kind of love the effect (because I love Tieka's photos in the first place), but it takes forever to do one photo! Who has that much time? I just can't imagine working on every single one of my photos for this effect. It's nice once and a while, but I think I would burn myself out doing it! 

The main thing is, the photo below reminds me of photos of my grandpa when he was younger. It's kind of nice, but at the same time, it makes me a bit sad. I suppose that's what art of all kinds is supposed to do though. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! 


  1. The shirt is pretty and these photos of you are gorgeous...I feel like your photography just keeps getting better :)

    I can't lie - I like the vintage effect photo ;) Not for all the time, but on occasion to give a more dreamy effect.

  2. This is a lovely post - I love what you wrote about your grandfather.

  3. I do love a good chambray shirt and just adore the cute little polka dots on your top. It adds a little daintiness to it without being over the top girly. I actually really like the vintage effect. I wouldn't buy an expensive camera to get the look but I do edit every photo.

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  4. I love the looks of vintage photo, but for myself I prefer the photos in their raw look. If you're interested in doing lots of vintage photos, though, you can download actions that will do it all for you in a couple minutes. ;)

    Anyway, this outfit is adorable! ;D


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