Cinnamon Bun Cupcakes with Creamy Butter Frosting

So... these cupcakes were slightly disappointing. Don't get me wrong: they taste... fine. But not as cinnamon bun-y as I was expecting, you know? I found the recipe ultimately kind of disappointing, mostly because the cupcakes had an incredible tendency to fall -- about 1/3 of them ended up in the trash because they fell down to about 1/2 inch of sugar and cupcake at the bottom of the cup! 

Mainly, the tops of the cupcake spread to create a hard, cookie top -- they didn't look like cupcakes! Also, it made them really hard to frost, with their wide tops, sunken centers, and sugary tops. I think I'll be altering the frosting recipe to include cream cheese (or sour cream, I haven't decided) and trying a brown sugar or plain cinnamon cupcake. I'll see how that goes. 

Otherwise, these are decent for now, but I'm hoping to improve upon them. 

(Danny has, however, already eaten two. So I know they probably taste fine!) 

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