Dust in the Wind

Skirt and Shirt, Forever 21
Tank top, American Eagle
Flats, Old Navy

Remember how I mentioned that this trailer would, inevitably, magically disappear? I walked outside this morning and, yep, it was gone. It's ok, though. I got this last set of pictures and I'm confident enough to return to taking photos as normal. 

I thought of this outfit at work. Actually, I started thinking about this skirt and wondering if, perhaps, I could wear it as a maxi as well as a midi. I haven't tested that theory yet, but I then had the idea to tie this shirt over the waist band. I really like the result, although I think I need to pair this skirt with a heel. It just makes my legs look better and not quite so stumpy. 

I don't have a lot else to write about! I've been pretty boring lately. I really want to go do something fun, like go shopping, but Danny and I can't necessarily afford it right now. I do think we'll do something kind of fun and fancy this weekend, but only after I get our bills sorted out. Being a grown up kind of sucks, I have to admit it. I think about when I was a teenager and how, even when I felt unhappy, I knew things could change -- summer would come, or I'd go to college, or whatever. But now, it's like, this is it, this is adulthood. There really is no escaping now! I have to be productive on a regular basis and that's so hard! 

Hope you all have a fantastic Monday... or as fantastic as a Monday can be. 


  1. I really like this outfit! I never have the courage to mix patterns, but you did it really beautifully here!

  2. Even without heels, this is The Best Skirt. It works so well mixed with the tiny, subtle floral print.

    Isn't balancing budget vs. entertaining excursions HARD? When our date money has dried up, Husband and I sometimes go on Saturday morning yardsale-ing or thrift store adventures instead.

  3. Cute outfit! We actually kinda match today :) I pulled up my maxi skirt to make it a midi and tied my blouse. Great minds think alike.

  4. I love your polka dot skirt! It's adorable! :)

  5. What a lovely outfit! That skirt is gorgeous. <3


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