Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!! To all my American readers... I suppose to everyone else, it's just a standard Wednesday. Well, I hope you're having a good Wednesday, though! 

Danny and I are finally home from what feels like a long day out and about -- parades, barbecues, random errands -- so I thought I'd post a few pictures. I had planned on doing outfit photos, but ended up just wearing a red dress to the parade and then changing into shorts and a very basic tank top for my sister's barbecue!

This is my nephew Mason mean-mugging me during the parade. He really wasn't angry -- just sleepy. And he's such a serious baby sometimes -- very meticulous -- that he tends to look grumpy. But he's really not. I think he enjoyed the parade, although I'm not sure he was really aware what was going on. Maybe just a lot of noise to him. 

After a good nap, he played in the sandbox. But only after he'd gotten himself good and damp in the water play table! My sister and brother-in-law set up a mini pool for them (along with their water table). My older nephew insisted on getting in the pool, even though it hadn't gotten time to warm up. I ended up having to pull him out because he was completely soaked and shivering in it. 

Danny looking stoic. That's my sister and brother-in-law's garden, or part of it, behind him. They had an overabundance of sugar snap peas, so we picked a lot to take home. 

Swing times! 

The 4th is a pretty relaxed holiday for my parents and I. Danny and I will probably watch a movie and pass out tonight, as I have work in the morning and work extra early Friday, then we're leaving for Idaho. We're leaving immediately after I get home from work, so it'll be a nice little rushed day!  

Hope you all had a good day, celebrating or not. I got myself a nice little sunburn (on the side of my thigh, of all places), so I'll be babying myself tonight a bit! 


  1. your nephew is adorable! Looks like you had a great time with the fam :)


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