July Wishes

I don't typically do wish lists, but I actually have a few things I want/maybe need (?) this month! Once I get the dollars, I wil be hunting down lookalikes of these babies as soon as I can. 

1. This polka dot chambray shirt from Forever 21. True story, I found one of these in my local Forever 21 a few weeks ago, but it was an XS and would probably have gaped like a shark's mouth (does that help clear up the metaphor?) on me. Strongly considering order this. Imagine it with skirts for summer, my mustard skirt in Fall, and layered under sweaters in the winter. Yes? Yes.

2. High waisted bikini bottoms. These ones are from American Apparel and I'm not entirely sold of them, mainly because I find AA to be a company with very sketchy and damaging policies in terms of production and store hiring. (They have a "Look Policy" which includes a weight requirement, but only for female employees. Um, excuse me?) I'm still on the hunt, but my main issue is that I refuse to pay more than $20 for what is basically glorified underwear. I mean, if F21 can make a pair of high-waisted cotton panties for $5, then certainly someone can make the exact same thing out of nylon or polyester for a similar price, right?

3. The Southern Hospitality Dress from Lulu's is high on my list. Ever since I saw this dress on Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky, I really wanted it. I mean, polka dots. Plus, it's a high-low without being too ... high-low, you know? 

Hope you all are having a great Tuesday! 


  1. NUMBER 3 oh me. It looks lovely! You would look darling in it:)

  2. All of these are super cute. I've seen polka dot shirts like that on eBay that were pretty budget friendly.

    BTW, is "gaped like a shark" really a saying that I don't know about? Is it an Oregon thing? ;)

    1. It's a metaphor referring to a shark's mouth.

  3. I have those American Apparel high-waisted bottoms. They're super adorable, but I get your thoughts on the company's standards. A little bit sketchy. But, I posted photos of myself wearing them on my blog not too long ago (http://carryondancingdoll.blogspot.com/2012/05/if-its-beaches.html). Just in case.

    I'd never heard of "gaped like a shark" either. I'm definitely using it now, though!

  4. yeah, American Apparel is a sketchy shop. I have never shopped there and I dont think I ever will. Loving that pretty polka dot dress.

  5. Hey Michelle,

    I know this post is a million years old but I saw the AA bathing suit and thought, "hey I have that!" but yeah I highly recommend those bathing suit bottoms, they fit like a dream & I have a pretty curvy legs and butt. I worked at AA and they are definitely shady but those bottoms are the one thing I swear by and think are totally worth the price. They hold their shape, suck you in, and are really flattering! I have them in black, red, and blue :)


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