Meet July

Top & Skirt, Forever 21
Flats, thrifted
Tank top, American Eagle
Belt, Forever 21

I'll admit to being shocked it's July already. Where did June go!? The whole summer will feel weird, probably, because it's the first one I've worked all the way through. I'm so excited for the 4th of July though! It's one of my favorite holidays and I get the day off and Danny and I will be leaving for a brief vacation to Idaho Friday!

I meant to post these photos yesterday, but ended up having the laziest of days with Danny. We watched the Fellowship of the Ring and half of the Two Towers, which took up most of the day! We went on a long walk as well. Saturday night, we both were feeling glum and sad, so I bought us Mexican food and milkshakes for dinner. Because the answer to real feelings is food, right? ...Right? We did get a dresser put together Saturday and I made cheesecake, which is always necessary! 

I wore this outfit to work last week and loved it. I wore a cardigan over the top though, which is really a shame because I love the back of this shirt! I feel like whenever I get a new top that I love I always wear it with this skirt first. Polka dots just go with everything! At work, a little girl came up to me and told me she thought my outfit was very pretty -- it was very sweet. Little kids are so good at giving compliments! 

I was going to try to photograph more outfits this weekend, to have some scheduled posts, as I'll be rather busy this week. But I didn't get around to it! Outfit posts are so hard when you work about 11 hours a day. 

I'm making a red-white-and-blue trifle for the 4th, which I'll probably take photos of and post the recipe for. It's so easy, but looks very impressive in a bowl. I made my mini cheesecakes to take to work -- two of my coworkers had birthdays this past week, so I wanted to take something in for them. I had extra cheesecake filling, though, so I made a small cheesecake with a crushed Oreo crust for Danny and I! Did I mention I'm excited for the 4th? I love parades! And barbecues! I have my nails painted and everything. I love a good theme. 

I've been trying to find little ways to relax lately. Other than comfort eating or shopping. I know, right? I've been sort of exercising, taking a lot of baths, and mostly reading and writing letters. I love having pen pals -- is there anything better than receiving a handwritten letter?

Another thing is, Danny and I have been cooking dinner together every night when I get home from work, which is so nice and relaxing. The best part about Danny and I is that we love being together -- he's so much fun to be around and constantly makes me laugh! Tonight, we're making cheddar cheese chicken and mashed potatoes. Not the healthiest meal, but it's homemade and yummy. 

I hope you all have a fantastic Monday! It's a bit blah here in Oregon, but I'm hoping that the sun will come out by the 4th! Although, I might jinx it by even mentioning it...


  1. You look lovely!

    Emma x

  2. I love this so much! The collar on this top is adorable and I love the skirt with it!
    You look lovely.
    I hope 4th july is fun for you! It's my first 4th July in the US and even though I'm working all day, we're staying after work to stand up top of the slides and watch the fireworks!

    Charlotte x

  3. Food is the only way to deal with feelings.

  4. This is such a lovely outfit !
    I love the skirt and the collar :)

  5. love this outfit!!!

    Nafisah ox


  6. Oh my I love this skirt - your waist looks so little. You look so happy as usual :)


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