Minty Fresh

Top and Skirt, Forever 21
Pumps, Target
Belt, Kohl's 
Necklace, gift

So I've decided to be a grown up and start getting up earlier. Since I vastly overestimate how much time it takes me to get ready (25 minutes, tops), this means I've had time to take outfit photos in the morning two days in a row. These photos are from yesterday, as I somehow got a day ahead of myself, but hopefully, it will even out soon. It feels good to be doing outfit photos everyday. Feels normal, actually. 

I remember buying this top last year and being so excited for it to arrive. It feels like I wore it all last summer! That was really before mint became a huge trend (not to sound like a hipster or anything!) so I kind of proudly show off this top. "Yes, I owned a mint top before the trend. Cutting edge." And of course, I love red and mint together -- I've worn the combination a few times now and it never really gets old! It's just such a good combination of soft and strong colors! Cool and hot! Etc.

I can't believe it's only Tuesday! It feels like the week should be almost over, but... it's not. I found a recipe for cinnamon bun cupcakes that I'm excited to make this weekend, plus Danny and I will be having a real date by going to see the new Batman movie. Sometimes, I get so excited for the weekend that I think it makes the week drag by a little slower. Or a lot slower.

It helps that I have Danny waiting at home for me. Before he was here, it was kind of boring to get home from work -- make dinner by myself, watch TV, go to bed. But now he's there! The routine is basically the same, except with a lot more laughing.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday! I'll be going my best to make it through this week in one piece emotionally!


  1. loving the color combo. I know what you mean about the week feeling longer when you cant wait for the weekend. I have so many exciting this planned for this weekend and it just seems like its never gonna get here

  2. I love this outfit. very minty fresh. good for you getting up early is kind of hard but worth it. You arent constantly feeling rushed. At least thats the big plus for me.

  3. You look so pretty in these photos! And yeah - how is it only Tuesday? Here's to the rest of the week going quickly...

  4. Pretty outfit! You look great!

  5. What a lovely outfit! Mint and red together really is a gorgeous combination. <3

    Has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like Karen Gillan? Because you remind me a lot of her. ;)


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