She's Gone Country

Dress, Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Top, Forever 21
Boots, mystery cowboy store in Sisters, OR

One summer when I was in high school, my grandmother bought me a pair of cowboy boots. These are them. I never wear them, for several reasons: they kind of hurt; they're super pointed; and they cost more than my entire wardrobe costs. They seem like special boots, but I realize that in never wearing them, I've pretty much just negated the cost-per-wear ratio. I thought this would be the perfect outfit to debut them -- ok, it's heading towards kitschy-country vibe, but you can't blame me. Chambray, floral print, and cowboy boots were made to be together... on the other side of the train tracks, of course. 

I originally had a paragraph here about how I was so frustrated my photos were out of focus. But, because I'm OCD, I went outside and retook photos just because I was so dreadfully annoyed with myself. Which has been a strong theme in my life lately. Small mistake. Annoyed with myself. Body hate. Is a blog proper therapy? Probably not. But these photos at least look better now... right...? 

Yesterday, Danny and I went to see the Dark Knight Rises and it was so good! I only recently watched the Dark Knight (don't judge me, I fear hype) and so I was really excited, maybe more excited than some huge Batman fans. Although, I do have to admit, the entire time I was thinking, "I hope no one starts shooting people here." Eugene had a shooting in a theater a few years ago -- nothing serious, a man decided to shoot himself during a very late movie showing, but it was a big deal. Obviously, the Colorado theater shooting is sort of fresh for everyone out there -- there isn't much else left to be said except that it's really horrible. 

On a happier note, after the movie Danny and I went to the Red Lobster. I know, a chain, but so good! Biscuits! Danny hadn't been in ages and so I had to show him the light of the cheddar biscuit. I had a strawberry daquiri and then a cajun pasta dish, while Danny had the maple-glazed salmon and shrimp. He let me try the salmon and it was amazing. (Have I mentioned shrimp terrify me? The idea of each like five separate creatures in one go is really strange to me.) Afterwards, we went to Target and I bought a new shower curtain for our bathroom. Behold:

It matches our color scheme for the bathroom perfectly. Over college, I bought new towels every one and a while, but never got the same colors. Somehow I ended up with a mix of teal, yellow, and white towels. And, here we are, Target had the perfect shower curtain to match them all! 

I also got some picture frames to put up some photos in the other bathroom we have. We put the old shower curtain in there and I put up some photos of flowers I've taken over the past year! It looks nice in there now, a little like a real home! We got home and watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and I had some ice cream. (Ok, maybe a lot of ice cream.) 

My family is having dinner today, so I'm very excited! I'm baking French bread and I'll take up the cinnamon bun cupcakes I made since I need to get rid of them without eating them all myself. Danny and I also have some donuts to get rid of! 

Hope you all have a nice, relaxing Sunday!


  1. Love the cowboy boots. I've been wanting some for ages, but they're so pricey!

  2. I would love a pair of cowboy boots! Break them in, girl! This is a cute outfit, and your new photos came out splendidly (though I never mind or really notice the blurry ones!).

  3. What a lovely outfit! I love the top! <3

    I went to the midnight showing of the Dark Night Rises. It was good, but The Avengers is still my favorite super movie - it's just more light hearted and funny. xD

    And by the way, these photos are gorgeous. ;D


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