Splatter Paint

Dress and Jacket, Forever 21
Shoes, thrifted (Goodwill) 

I already miss this photo spot, but I suppose that's life! I took these photos last weekend, but ended up not using them because I was a day ahead and I found that annoying. But I ended up wearing a tank top and jeans to work today (with a jacket, don't panic, I'm still profesh and everything), which isn't exactly a thrilling outfit. 

Another reason I didn't use these photos is that I was giving my hair what I call a "wash break" -- I just used dry shampoo, which does not work in my hair as good as other peoples, so I feel like I look like some kind of 1950s femme nightmare. But I love this jacket, so I decided to just go with it. Unwashed hair and all. 

I wore this outfit to work about two weeks ago (just after I got this outfit) and I loved it. I love blazer of all kinds, even little 80s-style ones! 

Short post today. I've been pretty stressed out lately -- Danny and I may have had nachos for dinner two nights in a row -- but I'm hoping this weekend calms me down a bit! Danny and I are going to see Batman and then we'll have a nice dinner. Our engagement anniversary (is that a thing? I'm making it a thing) is next week (July 27!) so we'll also probably do something special then. 

I'm sorry, I'm fascinated by vintage photo effects now, as annoying as I generally find them. I can't help but apply them to at least one photo in every outfit photo batch. I look like a sea creature in this one -- greenish, you know! 

Have a good Friday everyone! 


  1. Engagement anniversary is totally a thing-- though I forgot to celebrate ours this year. Oops. Happy anniversary!

    This backdrop really is the perfect contrast for a flowery, skirted outfit. What a shame that the trailer is gone!

  2. I know what you mean about the dry shampoo - it helps a little but not a lot. I would love to do a wash break/not have to wash my hair everyday, but I just don't want to show up to work with dirty hair!

  3. Ugh! I hate unwashed hair - not on other people, just on me. I like being able to run my hands through my hair and when it's oily I'm just like "eeeeew!!!!" :-P

    This is a gorgeous outfit, though. That blazer is fantastic! <3


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