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Kitten heels, thrifted

Things $5 can buy: A McDonald's combo #4 (the cheeseburger one); a pack, or two, of pens; a new eyeshadow palette from the drugstore; a notebook; this dress. 

Danny and I went shopping Sunday and we ended up stopping at my favorite vintage shop. I haven't been to visit it in ages, but I immediately spotted this dress -- it's from the 1970s and homemade. And guess what? It was marked down to only $5 because of a tiny hole on the front of the dress. I couldn't even find it until the owner of the shop pointed it out to me. There is also a few loose threads in the skirt of the dress, but really, nothing that is very noticeable and nothing that is really enough to make this dress worth only $5! I was so excited about this dress, I wore it out to dinner yesterday and I'm wearing it at work today. 

I love vintage clothes! There was a lot of cute stuff at the vintage shop, but a lot of it tends to be either really large or teeny tiny. Seems like such a strange mix sometimes. It takes a lot of patience and effort to find good items in vintage shops, but when you do, it's so worth it! And often, the best items I've found have been homemade. This dress doesn't have any labels and all the inside seems are raw, meaning it was made by someone, which I just love! There is so much love in homemade clothing -- homemade anything, really! -- that it just feels so much more special.

The only thing about this dress that I wasn't sure about was the neckline, but it's actually growing on me -- it seems really demure and retro the more I see it. I'm considering trimming the arms, because nothing looks worse on an untoned arm than a cap sleeve! But I'm debating it, of course.

I have another outfit post from Saturday to post, but I was too excited about this dress not to post it right away. I know I've been bad about blogging lately -- falling behind and everything. But things have been a little stressful for Danny and I, but we're getting through it. More than anything, I just want us to get to a better place where we both feel a little more stable and I want to be back to a good blogging schedule.

I've been baking up a storm lately. If you haven't checked out my baking blog, I'd really love you to! I posted there a ton this weekend and I have another two posts to go up this week too. 

Hope you all are having a decent Monday. I have a wee headache, but I have everything sorted out from the weekend. I just need (or want!) a long nap and some tea.


  1. What a gorgeous dress!! Also, your looks lovely! Happy Monday :]

  2. u look great on this dress.

  3. Love this! I think the neckline & cap sleeves suit you just fine. I adore vintage handmade pieces, you've got to wonder who wore them before.

  4. What a lovely dress! That's a great find! It looks perfect on you. <3

  5. Say what?! 5 bucks is a crazy good deal! I actually really like the neckline on you. The whole dress screams Michelle :)

  6. Such a lovely dress, it really suits you. I love the print x


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