10 Ways to Improve Your Wardrobe

Once and a while, I'll stumble upon an post suggesting ideas to improve my wardrobe. As fashion lovers, we've all wondered what we can do to make things better, increase the amount we wear and remix (while decreasing our cost-per-wear), and generally let our style shine through without constantly buying. But most of the time, those kind of posts start with, "Shop for basics..." and basically end up being a grocery list of things to buy. Which, if you're trying to budget and improve your budget without spending money, isn't helpful at all. That's why I wrote up a list of 10 ways I wanted to improve my wardrobe -- without buying a single thing -- and I thought I'd share it with you guys, as I know you're just as budget conscious as I am. 

1. Take everything out of your closet, your drawers, your organizers, and your storage. And start sorting. Does it still have a tag on it? If so, when did you buy it? If it was more than six months ago, seriously question if you're going to wear it ever. Then, assess the things you've worn in the last six months or so. If you haven't worn it in over a year, ask yourself if you seriously ever plan to wear it. (This doesn't include winter items, obviously. Seasons are tricky!) The things you don't think you'll ever wear, put into a pile. The things you still think you want to wear, put into another pile. Immediately put the things you don't plan on ever wearing again into a box or bag -- you're donating these things, so say goodbye. 

2. Take out a pen and some paper and start writing a list of ways to wear your "questionable" items -- by that I mean, the things you weren't sure if you would ever wear (if they still had tags) or would ever wear again (if you haven't worn them in 6+ months). If you can't think of a way to wear an item... put it in the box or bag with the things you're already donating. Use this method to work through everything in your wardrobe, from tee shirts to dresses. 

3. Donate everything you never plan on wearing again. Don't mope about it. Don't hide it in a closet in the back of your house and tell yourself you might wear it someday. It's just taking up space. 

4. Reorganize your closet. Think of the best way to group things in your closet. Typically, I do all dresses together, all cardigans together, etc. Each section is organized by color as well (usually in ROYGBIV style). This might not work for everyone, though! Think of a system that will work for you (items you wear together often grouped together, for example) and implement it... and then stick with it!

5. Organize your drawer spaces. I roll my scarves; fold tee shirts and tank tops into little squares and store them in rows so I can see all of them; and roll my skirts and shorts. This prevents both wrinkling and losing track of anything. Again, organize your drawers in a way that will help you stay organized! 

6. Clean out your shoes... and clean them up. Remember what you did with your closet? Do the same with your shoes! And while you're at it, clean your shoes up! I'm really bad about getting my shoes muddy (I live out in the country! I can't help it), so every once and a while, give them a bath. I'm really bad at storing and organizing my shoes, so I don't have many tips, although I keep mine in bins for easy access! 

7. Put art up in your closet: inspiration quotes, paintings, photos, goals, whatever. Basically, pretty up the space in a way that will inspire you. You can tape editorials from magazines to a blank wall and create a collage, or pin up quotes or images you print. 

8. Use old shoeboxes (covered in wrapping paper) to store small items, like sunglasses, belts, or large costume jewelry you rarely wear. This is my favorite way to pretty up a space without spending any money. I have tons of Christmas and birthday wrapping paper, as well as lots of spare shoe boxes! Just wrap them up in your favorite papers and use them to store delicate items like sunglasses. Then you can stack those boxes on a shelf in your closet! 

9. Set up a row of hooks (or pushpins in an old corkboard) to hang up your favorite necklaces. I love being able to visualize everything -- including my favorite necklaces. I used a corkboard, but you can just set up a row of command hooks or push pins in the wall! You can also put up bracelets, rings, whatever -- your favorite jewelry in plain view, so you can easily match outfits to accessories without digging through your jewelry box! 

10. Start keeping a notebook (or Word document) of outfit ideas. Starting a notebook to hold all of my outfit ideas was the best decision I ever made! Whenever I need a little inspiration, I just open it up and I have tons of ideas that I forgot I had. I also use it to jot down items I haven't worn in a while, so I can start visualizing ideas for them or looking through magazines for inspiration. It's a great way to stay organized and remain aware of all the pieces you own -- and all their potential!

Do you have any tips for improving your wardrobe?


  1. I really want to try that shoebox wrapping paper idea. I have the shoeboxes and the wrapping paper but no motivation.

    1. It's so easy! I swear, minimal motivation is required. ;)

  2. Hi ! I love your ideas, I must reorganize my closet as soon as I can, it's such a mess --'
    and your tips are very welcome :)
    (especially the notebook and the 6 months question ^^)



  3. this is such a helpful post. Iv'e recently moved back home from uni and have struggled trying to reduce the endless amounts of clothes ive gathered over 3 years..so thanks for this!! some really great ideas xx

  4. This is a good idea!!! I will be taking your tips on board xo

    Love your blog.

    Nafisah xo



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