A Match Made in Heaven

Skirt and Top, Forever 21
Floral heels, Unionbay

I wore this outfit to work last week and photographed it Saturday. I then spent about five hours on Friday trying to devise a method to never have blurry photos again ever ever ever. It's the number one annoyance in my life when it comes to this blog. I finally devised a method that I think -- I think -- will work. I need, mostly, to abandon my assertion that I should be able to focus on a spot on my own in super bright sunlight and somehow have that work out even though I can't really see through the view finder and can't really tell if my shoe or bag or whatever I put in the spot is in focus because I'm bent in half because I am a talented photographer, ok, which means I should repeatedly frustrate and disappoint myself

Danny and I went to a Reddit meet up last night -- which was surprisingly fun! We met at a pub in downtown Eugene (close to a Voodoo donuts location that I didn't know existed). I don't really drink (plus I was driving home), so Danny and I just got fries -- I thought we were just getting plain, but Danny came back with bacon cheese fries. Which were delicious. But a little overwhelming after a little while! We had fun though. As we walked back to the car, we made the impulsive decision to stop at Voodoo donuts and had a maple bacon bar. Which was way more delicious than I expected it to be, although I could probably make it myself with a cheaper maple bar and a slice of bacon! It was a nice treat though, after a ... nice treat? I'll justify that. 

Today I'm meeting my mom for lunch and wearing my new purple corduroy jeggings. That's right. You read that correctly. I've never been more excited about PANTS. I'm so excited for fall just so I can wear them with boots and collared tops under sweaters. I am so ready for Autumn. I'm excited to see my mom though -- she was on vacation for a few days just on her own, which actually sounds really, really nice sometimes!! What is it about the idea of just driving away by myself that is appealing!? Just seems so relaxing. 

I love this outfit, by the way! I really wish I had a red pencil skirt to wear with this top, but I actually think this outfit is one of my favorite ways to wear this top. (This top also looks great with my purple jeggings, just saying!) I think chambray looks great with bright, saturated colors... and what color is prettier than red!?

Well, I hope you all are having a wonderful Friday! TGIF, right!?

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  1. The reddit meetup sounds fun, in fact, that geeky subculture is always so friendly and welcoming... a lot of my new friends I met at a boardgame group out here :)


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