Anticipating Fall... Already

Ok, I'll say it: I'm tired of summer. I'm tired of being hot. I'm tired of painting my toenails and shaving my legs. I'm tired of seeing my pumice stone in the shower. Summer is getting to me. I'm ready to move on. I'm ready for crisp weather, sweaters, jeans tucked into boots, dying my hair auburn. Bring it on, Autumn.

The number one thing I miss about Fall? Tights. At the end of March, my berry tights tore badly and I had to throw them away; I'm eagerly anticipating the return of tights to stores so I can buy a new pair! They were my favorite tights last winter and I can't imagine making it through a fall without them... I mean, really! I'm also eager to start layering and wearing sweaters again. My arms are overly freckled and ready for a sun break.

The second best part about Autumn is, obviously, the foliage. Come on -- who doesn't love when the leaves start to change and then when they have all reached their peak of prettiness? Here in Oregon, it's usually around the end of October -- right around my birthday. By late November, all the leaves have fallen and the never-ending Winter rain has set in. But late October really is the most beautiful time in Oregon... the leaves are gorgeous, the weather is fair, the sky is slightly overcast, but sometimes blue.

I love Fall weather -- I favor it more than Summer. The thing about Summer is, you can only make your clothes so cool. I mean, you have to stay dressed! With cold weather, you can always add a layer. Fall fashion just suits me much better. I'm more comfortable in tights and a cuddly sweater, a pair of boots and a dress, than shorts and sandals. Don't get me wrong -- Summer has its strengths. But fashion is not really one of them.

In short, I'm ready for Fall. I'm ready for tights and dresses and knee socks and boots. Others may not be. But I am. I'm already eagerly awaiting the arrival of September.

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  1. You and me both, girl! Have you tried We Love Colors for a new pair of tights? They are a little pricey, but very good quality and come in just about every color under the sun!

    It's started to cool off where I live in the past week and it makes me sooooo happy! I love cooler weather. <3


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