Behind the Scenes: Office & Closet Tour

A few days ago, I had the idea to take some pictures of my closet & office to do a brief behind-the-scenes look at my closet and blogging space. My house is set up in a funny way so my closet is actually in a different room from my bedroom; every morning, I get dressed in my office. It makes blogging surprisingly handy. Unfortunately, my closet is pretty tiny and rather cramped; there is no way to make this space look especially beautiful, although I try to keep it very, very organized. My closet is color coordinated and organized by both color and item. My drawers are a little less organized, but I still try to keep things tidy! In many ways, I still organize my closet the way I did when I lived in dorms: I consolidate as much space as possible. Any space not taken up by clothes has to be filled with something! 

As well, I'm definitely a blogger who doesn't have a huge wardrobe. Every month or so, I go through my closet and get rid of things I don't wear anymore. I recently purged about 75% of my tee shirts, some of which I had owned since high school (embarrassing). Soon, I'm going to be going through my shoes & trying to sell the ones I don't wear and donating others that are just horrible and torn apart. Then I can be new staples -- like black flats, tan moccasins, etc. -- without feeling guilty.

Speaking of shoes, here they are. Have I mentioned I'm terrible at organizing my shoes? Right now, the shoes I wear the least as kept in labeled boxes and stacked. My boots are kept in the white laundry basket. Miscellaneous heels are kept in the blue bin. And in the white cardboard box are my everyday work staples. The white box happened sort of by accident -- I wish I was good enough about putting my shoes away at the end of the day, but I'm not. I usually just kick them off in the floor of my closet! By the end of the week, I would have a pile of shoes on the floor and putting them away became exhausting. So I added another box. In some ways, it's just a way to validate my laziness, but it does help me find my staple shoes every  morning when I'm in a hurry! 

Someday (soon), I want to get a shelf to put outside my closet where I can line up my favorite shoes. It'll be easy access, but a little more attractive than just throwing them into a variety of bins! 

I'm a huge fan of plastic drawer sets and hanging organizers! I've had a lot of these since I started college and they have served me well. All of my belts (and various ties from dresses, skirts, etc.), I keep in this hanging accessories organizer that I got at Target for $1 about four years ago. I buy hanging organizers for my closet from Ikea every time I visit -- the green one is really small and I use to hold slips, special underwear, and swimsuits. The large white one holds all my jeans and dress pants, neatly folded. I hate hanging up pants, as I feel like they just take up way too much room! And the cheap set of plastic drawers mainly holds my tights, but also holds miscellaneous supplies for my office -- like resume paper (which I need to keep flat and dry so it gets its own drawer), miscellaneous jewelry, and special socks. 

More cheap drawer sets! I have a dresser in my bedroom, but I use it to hold all my comfy clothes. Since my entire wardrobe is in the closet, I had to find some way to easily organize all the pieces I would need for layering. I keep these drawers really organized since I use them so much! I recently whittled down my collection of tank tops to one drawer (it used to be three drawers worth). I need to reorganize my sweaters and tees, but since Summer isn't quite done yet, I'm going to give those a little more time. My massive sunglasses collection is nestled among my beanies and wool caps in the top drawer, to keep them safe from scratches. 

And finally, my desk! This is pretty much the rest of my office, which is my workspace. I also have a massive bookshelf (plus four other, almost completely full bookshelves in the living room) and a shelf with all my scrapbooking supplies, but this is whereI do the bulk of my work. 

1. My jewelry & momento corkboard. I love decorating corkboards -- for the two here, I just used pieces of scrapbook paper which I stapled to the backs, along with strips of plain colored paper to create different sections. I love hanging up all my necklaces on a corkboard -- it helps me stay aware of exactly what kind of costume jewelry I have! I keep cute photos of my friends form high schol, my nephew, and Danny & I, as well as post cards, little momentos (like a Royal Mail label from a package sent to me by Sian), movie ticket stubs, and plane tickets. I also make push pins from cute bottle caps I collect for this board! 

2. Since this board is directly above my computer, I use it to hold inspiration and fun things, as well as important post it notes and quotes. Right now, I have my Christmas card from my sister & nephews on it, some pictures of Danny and I, a photo my friend Hanne sent me, a cut-out Hanne made of Eve taking the apple from the tree, a letter from Sian, and some of my photography. On other days, this board would also be covered in post it note reminders, but I just cleaned it off! 

3. Right next to my computer, I keep a calendar I printed off line to keep track of dates -- like doctor's appointments, special events, what have you -- as well as to remind myself of due dates for bills and dates for scheduling posts. I used to work primarily from my planner, but my planner gets very disorganized from being at work with me all day! 

4. My trusty MacBook! Persephone has served me very well and I try my best to take good care of her! Right next to my computer, I keep hand sanitizer and hand lotion so as I'm working, I can clean my hands and keep them moisturized. I don't recommend this, but I also usually have some kind of beverage by my computer -- although, this has done me wrong in the past when I've knocked it over on my keyboard! Always present as well: my iPhone and a pad and pen! 

I like to keep lots of inspiration around my desk as well. I recently started cutting up quotes from shopping bags -- this one, Live to Give Love to Get, is from an American Eagle Christmas bag! I also make my own quote posters -- the green one is a Pablo Nerudo quote, "Love is so short and forgetting is so long," which I love! I also have Roald Dahl's wonderful quote poster printed out and mounted as well. Whenever I find a graphic I love, I save it and I recently decided to start printing them out and mounting them to display! 

Well, that's my closet & office. It's nothing fancy but it works for me! The secret to having a space -- no matter how big or small -- work is really down to organizing in the way you use it. And sometimes, that means you organize for utilitarian purposes... not necessarily how something looks aesthetically! 


  1. I literally adore how tidy and sorted your space is, I'm still planning mine out. I don't have much as I have to share it with the boys boooo!
    I will get there, this has inspired me even more. xx

    1. Well thank you! I always think I'm really messy, but I know I'm a lot tidier than most people. I'm so glad I don't have to share a closet with my fiance -- he has one of his own. :)

  2. "I'm definitely a blogger who doesn't have a huge wardrobe" Haha I think you still have a decent amount of clothes! You should see my closet, it's tiny and not even full! I'm always so uninspired when I have to pick an outfit, especially when I want to take outfit photos of it! Oh well, I just need to go shopping :D Your office looks pretty cool, love the quotes! x

    1. I guess, in comparison to lots of bloggers (who never seem to rewear anything! those people, man!) I have a small wardrobe, considering I can find the entire thing into a 4x5 foot space. :)

  3. wow your closet is definitely way more organized than mine. I have the same issue in that my closet is actually in the attic which means is either crazy hot or insanely cold in there. Its a total drag.

    1. I always forget to close my blinds at night too, so in the morning I end up darting through my house of open windows in my underwear. I live in the country, but still, you never know.


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