Cupcakes of Love

Another recipe from Bakerella. I kind of flubbed the recipe -- I realized halfway through making them that they called for oil instead of butter. I am out of vegetable (baking) oil right now, so I quickly substituted applesauce, of which I have a ton. They still taste pretty fantastic, but the texture is slightly off -- a little more rubbery and chewy than a typical cupcake. Almost like a brownie, but not as fudgy. On the plus side, they do taste fantastic. And the frosting, guys. The frosting! I don't think I can ever eat cream cheese frosting from a can again.

Red velvet cupcakes always remind me of Valentine's Day. I know these would make the perfect Valentine's Day treat... because of the red color and their sugary sweet frosting. I used fat free cream cheese for the frosting -- to tone down the calorie count, if that's possible with a package of powdered sugar and a whole cup of butter -- and it tastes just as delicious, just as sweet-and-a-little-tangy. 

Danny and I have been having a great weekend. We went shopping and out to lunch after laying down sod outside. I thought these would be the perfect treat for after dinner, although we did eat one right after I frosted them! Shh! Don't tell! 

You can find the recipe for these cupcakes and the frosting on Bakerella's blog. Remember, I substituted applesauce for the oil, and regular milk and a splash of lemon juice for the buttermilk. (Someday, I may have to stay using red buttermilk. I feel like it will make a huge difference.) They are totally worth it -- super easy and really tasty. 

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  1. How do you get your frosting to look so good?!



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