Goodbye August

Top, Forever 21
Skirt, JCPenny (Olsenboye) 
Sandals, Target 

This skirt is so. short. I used to wear it all the time -- it's still one of my favorites -- but I never realized how, well, tiny it is. I mean, I have a lot of leg on display here. Isn't it weird how tastes change? In college, I would have thrown this skirt on and thought nothing of it! Even last summer, I wore this skirt to Portland*! While I wore this outfit over the weekend, I probably wouldn't wear it out and about too much -- I'm so used to wearing long skirts and midi skirts now that I don't really think of bending over to pick something up. Definitely a recipe for disaster! 

*My memory is shockingly excellent sometimes. And then I can't remember what I intended to buy at Target. Sigh.

I also fully realize I have dead eyes in this photo. Tyra Banks would be so disappointed that I'm not smizing. 

It's weird to think that these will be the last outfit photos that I'll post from August. I'm excited for September -- I'm really excited for Danny to see the leaves changing for Fall!! He's never been here when the leaves change and it's pretty magnificent in very leaf-y Oregon. Some trees are already starting to shift, turning that early green-yellow color.

Speaking of Fall, the Bath & Body Works sale is coming up this weekend -- I got an email about it yesterday morning and immediately was excited! All the Fall scents will be in and they are my favorite -- pumpkin, vanilla, and lots of spice scents! Absolutely perfect. I haven't spent as much money this August and I'm really proud of myself. I do need to save up for bills in September (and my power bill in the Winter months!) but I'm excited to spend a little on Danny and I. 

Speaking of Danny, exciting news! He was offered a job on Wednesday! I'm so proud of him -- it's not exactly what he wants to do, but it is in his chosen field, so he will be gaining experience and making a bit of money. It's been really hard for him to be unemployed while I am -- it is a big blow to someone's confidence to feel like they are totally dependent on another person -- but I'm so, so proud of him for getting this job.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

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  1. I feel the same way with some of my skirts. In high school your skirt had to touch the ends of your fingertips or you would get sent home or have to change into these hideous sweats. Anyway I always thought that rule was nuts but now I cant imagine wearing any skirt that falls above my fingertips. PS Congrats to Danny!


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