My Favorite iPhone Apps

My iPhone and I have an intense relationship. One that is mutually beneficial. Over my year and a half of iPhone ownership, I have culled an impressive collection of apps - some have been deleted, some I still use today, some I keep on my phone just in case I need them in the future. (Some day I'll be organized enough to use this, yes.) 

After posting a photo of my new iPhone background, someone asked me to write a post about my favorite apps. So here is it: the apps I can't live without and the ones you can't live without either. 

1. Twitter. Seriously. Twitter. Nothing beats boredom quite like browsing Twitter and reading articles or blogs that are being posted in real time. And more than that, if you're frustrated with something (stranded in an airport, anyone?) you can put them on blast for poor customer service or just being a bit rude.

2. Instagram. I'm a hipster and I love looking at pictures of food. I love taking pictures of my food and of my Starbucks cups. Don't judge me. I just love it. Mirror photos. Close ups of eyes and nails. Whatever. I love it. I don't post as much on Instagram as I used to, but it's still fun to peruse on a regular basis.

3. My Fitness Pal or LoseIt. Trying to eat healthier? Pick one of these two technically weight loss apps. More than anything, they are good on-the-go food diaries! Both have an option to scan photos, so if you buy a premade something-something or a bag of chips... you can scan it right there and have it added to your journal. Both will try to put you under a certain amount of calories for a day, but if you don't want to worry about that, you don't really have to.

4. C25K Free. The best Couch to 5K running app out there. I downloaded it a few days ago and it has vastly improved my motivation to run. Mainly because it's so much easier to use. Some C25K apps will pretend to be free, but once you start using them, only the first week's worth of work outs are on the free version -- kind of lame, right!? This one has the entire C25K program.

5. Teux Deux or Do It Tomorrow. If you're like me, you like lists. (You're reading a list right now -- does it make you feel better? That the world is more organized? Bask in the glory of the list.) And if you're like me, you love finding new and exciting ways to keep lists. These are my two favorite list apps.

I like Teux Deux for general lists of things I sort of need to get done eventually - TD is organized in day-by-day format, but all tasks are moved from day to day to day if you don't cross them off. (And the interface on the iPhone makes crossing off items so satisfying.) On TD, I keep track of things I need to clean and organize in my house. TD has a really nice white-and-red theme that is really aesthetically pleasing. I use Do It Tomorrow to, despite the name, not procrastinate on things I actually need to do, like, immediately. I keep my general daily to do lists here -- like TD, if I don't finish something, Do it Tomorrow automatically moves it to the next day. Pretty handy.

Teux Deux also has a handy-dandy web format for when you're working on your regular old computer.

6. Diptic. A great collage app. I used this for TONS of stuff. You can upload the collages to Instagram or just Facebook or Twitter. Pretty great for on-the-go photo editing or photo comparisons.

7. Flickr. Seriously, the Flickr app is great. I actually use it for my work -- it's so much easier to upload photos to Flickr first and then edit them, rather than try to email them to myself, etc. The Flickr app is surprisingly useful and quick. Some major websites have major quirks in their apps, but Flickr seems to have gotten over these hurdles successfully.

8. Pinterest. Another good time wasting app. At first, I was hesitant to have Pinterest-on-the-go. I'm not a great, consistent Pinner, even moments of boredom, but I was surprised at how often I cruise Pinterest in my phone. In fact, when I'm cooking something from a recipe on Pinterest, I will often use the app to find it, and the recipe, to pull up on my phone.

9. Pandora and/or Spotify. These two music apps are great. Although, warning, they are data suckers. If you have unlimited data, it's fine. If you don't, you'll want to connect to wifi -- which is difficult if you're driving or generally on the go. However, they do make working out a lot more fun. You can listen to a vast array of music while working on your fitness.

Do you have any must-have iPhone apps?


  1. I started using Flipboard, which is a neat way to get caught up on Facebook, the blogs you follow, and other news all in one place. We've also started using Cozi for our shopping lists; anyone with the app can update the list from the app or a computer. And finally, now that I have a FitBit I can sync it with the LoseIt app!

  2. I love Instagram, but I've actually found that I like Collage more than Diptic since it gives more options. ;D I think I might do a list like this soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I loved reading this Michelle, so many great suggestions!!! I am excited to try out the Couch to 5K app. Do you just have the one page of apps? You are so organized!

  4. Thanks for sharing your favorite apps! I love apps that help kill some time, since I travel quite frequently for my job at Dish, so I'll definitely be checking out Pinterest and Instagram. I've heard a lot of great things about them; I just have never gotten around to actually downloading them. As far as my must-have apps I really only have one. It's the Dish Remote Access app, because like I said I'm away on business a lot! I get stuck in the airport frequently, so it's nice to just load DRA to watch all of my favorite TV shows or movies, live or from my DVR, wherever I get a 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection. :)


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