Old Favorites

Top & Skirt, Forever 21
Burgundy tank top, American Eagle
Sandals, Target

This skirt, in the hub bub of last fall, and the rest of the past year, actually, got lost. Not "lost" in the sense I couldn't find it -- but lost in the sense that I completely forgot I owned it. I didn't wear it between July of last year and this weekend. That's kind of insane, you guys.

When I first bought it, I loved it -- but then, the 70s shape became hard to style. With a too-tight top it looks, I don't know... uneven. Friday, I was trying to find an outfit to wear out-and-about Saturday... For the first time in months, I consulted my list of outfit ideas and, suddenly, I remembered this skirt. And all the lace and sheer tops I own now. This outfit came together and I'm glad it did. This skirt has a new place in my wardrobe. 

Lately, I've been working on developing more content for this blog that is fashion-based, that way I don't have to stress myself out about taking outfit photos more than 3 or 4 times a week. It's so hard to take photos after work -- because I look pretty horrible! -- and it's also really difficult before work. Things are going to get harder as Fall gets closer, since it's already getting light later in the morning and getting dark earlier. That's my favorite part about Summer, the longer days! 

Originally, I wrote this post about something, but then decided it deserved it's own dedicated post -- not to be tacked onto an outfit post! Writing is so messy sometimes -- writing about something can suddenly make me think of something else I want to mention, and then everything snowballs into a huge essay for you guys to read. It makes me feel like my blog is a bit messy, but my brain is a bit messy at times -- I change the subject in conversations a lot -- so I guess it makes sense. I organize my blog the way I think through things!

Speaking of writing, I have been thinking lately of writing an Oregon travel guide. See, I had the idea for Danny and I to buy a guide book and visit all the best places in Oregon, so I could blog and write about them. But the more I look for guide books, the more they all seemed generic, boring, and Portland-obsessed. Portland's nice and everything, but we all know what to visit there because so much has been written about it! Especially if you're from Oregon, you're a bit over Portland -- it's a really bad example of Oregon culture as a whole. I want to show off the smaller places in Oregon that I love, like Sisters, Florence, Heceta Head Lighthouse, and Multnomah Falls! 

I've had a very busy Monday -- thus, why this post is so late in the day! I hope you had a good Monday as well.


  1. Such a cute skirt! I just did a mini roadtrip down the OR coast and it was gorgeous. Would totally recommend it - I can send you some of the awesome, non-Portland things I saw :)

    -Sara, Road to the Heart

    1. Please send them my way! Next time you road trip down the coast, let me know on Twitter -- we can meet up!! :))


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