Red Skirt Madness

I feel like I've been terrible lately -- I barely have time to take outfit photos anymore! I'm going to try to get a little better. I do have time in the evening really, it's just a matter of fighting off the urge to put on leggings and one of Danny's sweaters!

I thought I'd do something I had done in a little while -- a remix post! Or, all the ways I've worn an item of clothing. In this case, my red midi skirt. It really is one of my favorite pieces of all times, even though I don't wear it as much as I used to. It used to be a "wear weekly" item of clothing, but for a lot of reasons, I've stopped wearing it. Although, those reasons are becoming less and less important to me, so alas, I'm hoping to wear it a bit more! It's such a nice length for work and still nice and breezy on hot days.

The first photo I think I took just a day or two after I bought the skirt and it's really one of my favorite outfits ever. I love my navy blazer!! It's so nautical and just adorable. 

My second favorite really has to be the mint and red combo, in both of these photos. The look on the left was just so perfect for work -- I love my mint/aqua blazer. It's a little brighter than mint, but not quite blue enough for sea foam or any other color, so I usually just refer to it as mint! The left was so nice for summer though, because the top is nice and airy. 

And of course, red and chambray... and polka dots! I think my obsession with polka dots is clear, but again, I just love them! Chambray and red is just such a great combination as well -- it seems so classic and summery. This outfit was nice for a day at work as well, although the sleeveless tops always worries me -- I just don't like being bare-shouldered at work, even though it's allowed. It just feels too unprofessional.

It's so fun to look back at how I've worn something -- more than anything, this just gives me so many more ideas of how to wear this skirt!

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