Target's up&up Brand is Amazing

Given my recent review of a Rimmel London product, you may be surprised to learn that I am actually a devoted user of drugstore brands and sometimes even generic brands. My favorite brand in drugstores is actually not even a huge chain -- it's Target's up&up brand! 

My skin is horribly picky -- my experience with primer has shown me this more than anything else. So people are often surprised that I regularly use generic products for all my skincare needs. When it comes to make up, I really believe in splurging, but otherwise... I try to keep things as cheap as possible. 

Last October, I went to a dermatologist to finally settle my skin issues -- I was prescribed a 10% benzoyl peroxide gel that I had to keep refrigerated. I used my two refills of it and then went out in search of something that worked just as well. What was the best? Up&up's Maximum Strength Acne Medication, with 10% benzoyl peroxide. It's counterpart by Clean & Clear is almost $8. Up&up's dupe is only $3. $3 you guys. The prescription from my dermatologist was almost $60 without insurance. And the up&up brand works just as well -- possibly even better than prescription strength. 

For face wash, I religiously use up&up's facial scrub (a dupe of Saint Ives Apricot Scrub) and up&up's grapefruit scrub (a dupe of Neutrogena's scrub). I don't wash my face with anything else actually -- and I'm speaking as someone who had an allergic reaction to Aveda's jojoba bead scrub and  broke out after using many samples from Sephora. Did I mention both of these face washes are around $4 and last over two months for me? 

The most surprising up&up product I use though is their oil-free Dual Treatment Moisturizer, which is a dupe of Clean & Clear's Advantage Acne Control Moisturizer. I used Clean & Clear's version for ages -- but it was really expensive and I went through it pretty quickly. I switched to the up&up dupe two months ago and I can never go back. Up&up's version is cheap -- around $4 -- and the bottle seems so big and heavy in comparison to Clean & Clear's.  

Finding good skincare products can be very trial and error, but it doesn't have to be ridiculously expensive. I don't want to throw away $40+ for face wash if I can find one just as good at Target. It's pretty trendy to only use high end brands for skincare needs, but in reality, most people really can't afford to do that and rely on their local WalGreens, Wal-Mart, or Target. If you want something that is cheap, but still works great, try out Target's up&up brand. 

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