Treat Weekend

Sweater, Forever 21
Tank top, Costco
Shorts, Kohl's
Flats, Hot Topic

Speaking of Kohl's, I have a special discount for everyone, thanks to Kohl's! Just use the code BLOGIT10 until August 23 for 10% off anything on the Kohl's website. Which means you can get these shorts, or a ton of accessories, or some new Fall staples. 

Yesterday, Danny and I relaxed at home. I made French toast for breakfast and then we cooked burgers in the evening, which was really nice. I'm not very excited about being back at work today, but oh well! It might be because I stayed up late last night to watch the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics (because NBC thought it was genius to start it at 7pm, when it is actually 4 hours long or whatever). I really loved it. I heard that it might be released as a DVD and I hope it is because I would buy that. 

Saturday, Danny helped my dad put down sod for our front yard! We'll be babysitting my parents' dogs while they're on vacation, so we needed a place for them to place. We have a little fence and a patch of grass now. We'll probably move our patio furniture back there so we can eat outside and the dogs can run around. Then we ran to Eugene to get some lunch and run some errands -- most importantly, I bought a scale and some primer. Buying the scale made me feel a lot better because I found out I've actually only gained about 4 pounds. Welp! It's weird how clothes being tighter can make me think, "Oh my god, I've literally become obese overnight" when really, it's only four or five extra pounds. Silly.

I bought this sweater Friday at Forever 21. It was only $14 and it's so soft and loose! It will be nice for layering this fall and winter. I also got a new sports bra at American Eagle, because the one I've been wearing broke last week (literally, tore in half down the back, oops). I had been going to buy one at Victoria's Secret because I had a coupon for a free iPhone case (which was cute) but 6 hours into the coupon being valid, they were out! Guess they don't want my $29.99...! I ended up going to American Eagle and found one on sale, and it rang up even cheaper when I went to buy it, which is always nice. 

Well, I hope you all have a good Monday. I'm vowing to run tonight! I'm almost done with Week 2 of C25K and really proud of myself. 


  1. Your legs actually look amazing. Cute outfit!

  2. These photos are so pretty! After reading what you wrote, I'll have to see if I can watch the closing ceremonies somehow...

  3. Awesome outfit and I love your hair!


  4. That sweater looks so cozy! I don't think I could wear it for summer, though, like you...I'm in a place where minimal clothing is a must. :(


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