After Flats in Sassy Silver

Last week, I received an email asking me if I wanted to test out a pair of After Flats -- soft, foldable flats that you can store in a little fold up bag in your purse. Of course I said yes. I often carry along a pair of extra flats or sandals in my car when I wear heels to work -- just in case my feet get fussy or I end up running more errands than I expected! I chose "Sassy Silver" -- a very pale silver color -- and to be safe, a Medium (7-8), although I think I could have gotten away with a Small! 

The flats come in a little fold up clutch. It's pretty soft and lightweight, so you can easily throw it into your bag or suitcase (or, if you're flying, your carry-on!) without feeling like you are, you know, carrying around an extra pair of shoes! The flats do end up being a little distorted in shape from being folded, but they smooth out pretty easily. In order to be so lightweight, they are pretty thin -- they feel great after a day of wearing heels, but I would be hesitant to wear them in full-blown Oregon rain! 

I really love the color of these ones, but the color choices are a little slim and exaggerated. The black and silver are my two favorites -- and I do love the snakeskin pattern and wish I had asked for them! Hopefully, in the future, they'll add more colors and less metallics, which will make them even better for working ladies -- I think a tan, moccasin style pair would be amazing! In fact, I would buy another pair if they were moccasin style! 

The best part is the clutch folds out into a tote bag to put your heels in! If you're travelling, you can wrap them up so your other clothes don't get dirty, but otherwise, you can carry your heels home from work, or school, or a night out, without looking completely rough! The tote is a little thin and the handles a little rickety, but it's so handy, I can't really fault it for that. 

As I said, these flats are a little bit flat -- my feet felt a bit naked putting them on at work! But they were really comfortable and good for my feet after a long day of running around. I love these flats though and I'm glad to have them to take with me to work, on trips, on planes, and out with friends. I love wearing heels, but it can get a bit exhausting as the night wears on! You can find out more about After Flats here

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  1. This is a great idea, they would be ideal for a late night out on the town... or when you're in the city caught in the rain. That happened to me once, and I wound up walking bare foot through the NYC streets (can you say bad idea?)

    -Sara, Road to the Heart


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