Inspiration Sunday: September 2

I always look forward to Inspiration Sunday. It's almost a way for me to show off all the cool stuff I've liked and reblogged on Tumblr during the week! This week, I've been reblogging photo shoots like crazy! The Freepeople photos I've featured here are my main favorites -- I love the theme, with phone booths and that sort of messy, English style. It's a style I would really love to emulate, but can't really pull off -- when I go for messy, I think I end up looking a bit nuts! And the German poem, obviously, encourages me to work on my German. Someone (me, it's me) has forgotten a lot of vocabulary. And verbs.


  1. You studied German?! I did, too. Four years worth, in fact! But I forgot like 75% of it so...I'm sure I can pick it back up easily as many elements are still fresh in my mind, but I forgot all the verb conjugation rules. Oops. :/

  2. I so hope to get my hands on a leopard coat this winter. I'm not sure if I'm cool enough to pull it off but I'm willing to try :)


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