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Nail stickers. On one hand, I kind of love the idea of them: intricate designs, tons of colors, and no mess for me. On the other hand, they always seem kind of dumb expensive and I've started to seriously wonder how good it is for your nails to, you know, stick things on them. As well, do I really need super fancy, distracting nails? 

But alas, my curiosity got the best of me. I found these Halloween-themed Kiss nails in Wal-Greens and decided to give them a shot. 

First impression: They went on much easier than I expected. 

Second impression: The method required to get these babies trimmed required me to wittle down my around quite short nails to stub length and the design itself is so busy it kind of makes them look even shorter. 

Third impression: These things are barely sticky. Should I superglue them to my nails? And they are super thick

Inevitably, these stickers had trouble sticking to the ends of my nails -- they bubbled up and folded over when I did the most basic of tasks... like putting on my yoga pants or drying dishes. I had them on by 10am and then peeled them all off (way way too easily -- barely sticky, like I said) by 4pm. They are cute and glittery and I love the designs, but they barely lasted six hours. It's not that they chipped -- it's that they are just too think to stick to nails with any shape. It's obvious they want to be flat, so if you have flat nails, you're in luck -- but if your nails have any curve, or strange, shape to them, these guys will want to peel off faster than you can say, "But I spent $7.80 on you!!!" 

As well, they were rough on the edges no matter how much I smoothed, clipped, filed, whatever. They were rough, the sticker itself never cut cleanly and it was a lot of work for something that promised me ten days worth of wear. Remember, I only got six hours out of my first set, and I ended up using three extra nails throughout those six hours to replace ones I just thought were being difficult. 

I have plans to use the rest of these just on Halloween -- one day of wear is the most I can get from them, so I guess that's just the route I have to take. Some reviews suggest using clear nail polish under them, to provide extra stick, which I might try. 

If you're looking for nail stickers, I would pass these ones up and go for a more expensive brand. These were cheap and they acted cheap. I love a bargain, but not one that leaves me feeling frustrated and cranky. 

Kiss Nail Stickers in Limited Edition Halloween Print, $7.79 at Wal-Greens

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