Polka in Florence

Polka dot top, Old Navy
Lace tank top, American Eagle
Denim shorts, Kohl's
Sandals, Target

Together, Danny and I could be a photography dream team. The photos Danny took are framed really well -- he's better at composition than me! I could focus and adjust ISO & aperture... Danny could frame and move subjects around.

On Sunday, Danny and I went to visit his aunt, uncle, and cousin, who live in Florence. (Actually, his cousin lives near us, but is from Florence!) Danny had never been to Florence before though, so it was really exciting for him. I've been visiting Florence for as long as I can remember -- going to Oldtown Florence to buy salt water taffy and walk along the dock. There are some really great beaches near Oldtown, but we only went down to the river in Oldtown, instead of where I normally go. It was still lots of fun though and a nice way to spend the "end" of summer! (And the weather is Florence was gorgeous and for being a holiday, not very crowded!) 

Danny and I ended up buying almost two pounds of salt water taffy -- oops! Maybe a little overboard, but hey, we love taffy and it's fun to share! I love the bridge in Oldtown Florence -- it's huge and famous. Across the bridge is one of my favorite beaches to go to, although it costs $5 to go in now... which I don't really mind paying, since it goes to paying for the park, but it just feels like beaches should be free, you know! We didn't check the chance to go to the beach though, but maybe some other time Danny and I can go together. 

I love this picture of Danny. I feel like it sums up our relationship completely. Just silly faces all the time. 

The best part about Florence is really how close it is to beaches and water. Oldtown is fun, but it's not really a great shopping place, although there are lots of shops. It's just a lot of kitschy stuff... I know some people hate when that gets stated outright, but it's the truth. I'm not going to lie to you guys -- the shops are a bit boring. But BJ's ice cream is the best shop, right across from Mo's (a famous chain on the Oregon coast), and it has salt water taffy. So really, my favorite way to experience Florence is to stop in Oldtown, grab some taffy, then head to the beach to run around, eat taffy, and simultaneously burn it off! 

It was a good weekend, but it's going to be a long week! I didn't get Labor Day off like a lot of others in the U.S. (boooo) but I always get a short Friday so I guess I shouldn't complain. :) Hope you all have a good Tuesday!!

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