Red Velvet Cookies

That's right... red velvet cookies! With white chocolate chips. Let me take a moment to tell you... these cookies are delicious. Perhaps even better than red velvet cupcakes. But don't tell any diehard bakers, okay? They might be mad. 

Mine didn't turn out quite as bright red as the original recipe, but I suspect some photo manipulation went into that. I did add more cocoa to mine than the recipe called for (just an extra tablespoon!) because if there's one thing I don't skimp on, it is chocolate flavor. 

Danny had to fight for me use white chocolate chips -- I originally was going to use milk chocolate. And drizzle with some cream cheese frosting. But he won me over! I'm glad I used the white chocolate chips (even though I'm not a big fan of white chocolate) because they are the perfect sweet note to add to the rich, cocoa-y, not-too-sweet cookie. 

The best part about these cookies? They're chewy. I hate crispy cookies! I only like chewy, soft, fluffy cookies. I mean, really, who wants a hard cookie? No one, that's who. 

Click here for the original recipe. I also pinned these on Pinterest if you want to save them for later! 

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  1. i just die! oh my gosh that looks delicious!



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