Dress & Belt, Forever 21 / Tights & Boots, Target

This dress and I are not on great terms. I bought it for my birthday last year and it fit wonderfully. These days, I just don't like the way it looks. After taking this pictures last week, I stood in my closet and made a decision: I was done. I was done complaining about how I look, or how my clothes fit. I was done being a whiner about it and I'm going to actually do something about it.

Last Friday, I joined a gym. I've worked out everyday since. I'm trying to start eating healthier, which I kept saying I was going to do and then, well, not. There are some things I can't stop doing -- I won't stop baking because I love it too much, but it's about moderation now: not eating the dough as a bake, resisting the urge to eat a cupcake fresh out of the oven with a dollop of frosting, keeping what I make out of sight and out of mind until after dinner, when I can have one little treat... and then still tracking it.
I'm at a weird place in my life right now, but I'm definitely tired of being complacent in it, of sitting around waiting for something to change. That's not really how life works. 

I'm ready for this dress to look amazing on me again. It's Fall, the season of change, and I'm ready for it.

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. well I think the dress looks lovely on you but its always important to be healthy so good for you for getting on board with that. I just started working out too (like yesterday) and I already feel better :)

  2. These photos are stunning! And good for you :]

    ~ Sarah


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