Why I Journal Everyday

For years, I wrote in my journal religiously. Through college, I would get into bed after studying, or going out with friends, or just a long day of class, and write in my journal. Sometimes, I would barely write a few sentences -- "Today was an okay day" or "Today, I really wanted to quit" -- and sometimes I wrote pages and pages. Through my senior year of college, I had day-by-day accounts of what I did and how I felt. Sometimes, it was unremarkable, but I often wrote about common themes -- how I felt about my body, how much I wanted to go back to Oregon. It gets a little boring reading it everyday, but it was my life, at the time. 

After I graduated from college, though, I lost a lot of the routine I had previously held. I wrote on my blog more than in my journal. In fact, I stopped keeping notebooks in general. 

Recently, I started journaling again. It helps me get back into having a routine that I follow everyday. Before bed, I wash my face, take out my contacts, brush my teeth, and write in my journal. It's something simple that grounds me at the end of the day. 

More than that, though, journaling is a way for me write out my feelings and really analyze them. I can write lists of how I feel, pros and cons of situations, all the choices I have to make, all the things I have to do before my wedding. I can imagine different life paths for myself. I can think and be honest with myself.

Journaling is basically self-therapy. It's technically free (you just need some paper and pens, or your laptop), which makes it even better. Why stress yourself when you can journal? Writing is the most cathartic of activities for me -- journaling and baking. 

Do you journal? 


  1. I know the exact feeling! I have gone through the same/similar thing. I need to get back to Journaling too.

    great blog.

    Nafisah xo


  2. I do keep a journal, largely because it's hilarious to go back and read my old thoughts! (which are usually dumb, haha). It is just nice and grounding, and I like that it's a tactile thing I can have recording my life.

    I've always thought that posting old journal entries would make interesting blog posts. Maybe you should consider, if they're not too private ;)


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