Birthday Girl

I can't believe it's already my birthday again! I never really know what to write for my birthday, but I decided this year to write a list of things I've done in the past year. Full disclosure, I feel like I'm a very boring person -- I don't travel a lot and I'm a major worrywart, so I'm far from spontaneous. But I do think I've had an interesting year. I've included pictures of me when I was younger, when I was in college, and then some from this year towards the end of the post. My goal for the next year of my life is to take more pictures of the BIG stuff! 

Without further ado, here are some of my highlights from the last year!

♥ Started my first job after college.
♥ Lost my grandfather.
♥ Flew to Idaho to meet Danny.
 Sent out Danny & I's first Christmas cards!
♥ Had all of my engagement photos printed. 

♥ Had my first major injury... ever... at the deli.
♥ Quit my first post-college job.
♥ Got hired at my first office job.
♥ Finally learned how to back a car up properly (and I'm getting better at it...)
♥ Moved into my first house.
♥ Started paying all of my bills on my own (scary!) 

♥ Received a real engagement ring!
♥ Went on my first business trip.
♥ Saw Las Vegas for the first time.
♥ Slept in an airport for the first time... and missed a flight for the first time!

♥ Helped Danny move into our house!
♥ Bought my first car (from my parents...)
♥ Booked a wedding photographer AND a venue
♥ Started planning Danny & I's honeymoon
♥ Also started planning the building of Danny & I's first home (oh. my. goodness) 

♥ Baked enough cupcakes, cookies, muffins, and bread to feed the army!
♥ Worked 1,840 hours at my various jobs, plus blogging, plus tons of internships, plus baking, plus....!
♥ Took 763 photos on Instagram
♥ Took 1,000+ outfit photos
♥ Adopted/bought a puppy for Danny & I! (It's a chocolate lab that we're picking up from his parents on Thanksgiving! I'll post photos when I have them!)

It's been a long, rough yard, but it still feels like it's gone by so fast. A year ago, I was working at the deli. I feel like such a grown up these days -- I might as well walk with a cane -- but I'm excited for the next year: getting married, going on a honeymoon, building a house, taking care of a puppy. Mix in outfit photos, photos, baking, decorating, shopping, and being with Danny -- my favorite things in the world! -- and we've got all the makings of a good year.


  1. Happy Birthday, Michelle! I love this post -- it's really all about the small things that make you happy.

    ~ Sarah

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

  3. Wow these are quite big highlights! Happy birth weekend! I hope you had a wonderful day and thst you see many more. Dude, you're building a house!

  4. Gorgeous , hope you had a great birthday xx


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