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Top, Forever 21 / Dress, Forever 21 / Flats, Old Navy

This is my first outfit post in what seems like ages. I'm trying harder to take them, but I'm so busy all the time -- going to work, to the gym, to doctor's appointments (more on that later...) -- it's hard to fit them in! Plus, the days have been getting shorter, the rain has set in, and I'm back to mostly tights-and-dresses. My work wardrobe is admittedly boring -- I've fallen into wearing the same set of outfits with only slight deviations. I know I need to get my butt back in gear -- I feel better when I spend a lot of time thinking up outfits -- but it's exhausting some mornings when I just want to sleep in another ten minutes! 

I bought this top about three weeks ago and had a minor freak out after wearing it once because it got some seriously awful ammonia stains on it from my deodorant! Polyester is just such a finicky fabric. However, the stains faded with time and with spritzing vinegar on them, so I think it'll be okay. I love this top though -- it's such a gorgeous burgundy color and has a collar style I've been looking for for ages! It looks so nice layered under dresses, but also really nice with a tank top under it and jeans. I'm going to try layering it under some of my sweaters soon... I think that will look really nice as well. 

In random hair news, last week I found out I have alopecia areata. I found a bright pink bald spot on my scalp the week before last and immediately made an appointment with my dermatologist. She thinks it's alopecia areata -- it's possible it's not, but for now, that's the diagnosis. I've been having to part my hair differently and put a really oily ointment on my scalp twice a day. Not very attractive! The spot isn't very big -- I only caught it because it's right on my part, just where my bangs start! A hard place to cover up. I'm really nervous about it growing back -- I really hope it does! I'm thinking positive thoughts though.

I feel like it's been forever since I've really sat down and written an outfit post -- with notes about my life and what's going on and what I've been wearing! Part of me feels bad, but that doesn't make a lot of sense. You're guys' lives go on without seeing my outfit posts or hearing about the little details of my life. I've not had a lot of inspiration lately and blogging started to feel like a chore, so I let myself stop and just relax about it a bit. I went hard on blogging for a good year and now I've calmed down a lot!

In other recent news, Danny's parents visited; Danny bought a ring to wear (so the ladies know he's taken!); Danny got a new job (which we're both very excited about); we've adopted a puppy!! -- It's living with Danny's parents right now. It's a boy chocolate lab and we're so excited about it. It's our first child, of course.

I don't have much else to write about. I always say it, but it's been more true lately: I'm so boring! Mostly, I've been reading, taking baths, baking, and going to work, which isn't too exciting! I have some review posts coming up this week though, as well as a post on my birthday (which is Saturday!)

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! 


  1. That is such a cute combination :) Makes me wish that it was Autumn here too! (southern hemisphere)

  2. Oh my!!! what a gorgeous outfit. it's so lovely on you! love it!


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