Fitness Friday: October 12

A few days ago, I had the idea for a new feature about fitness. I've been working really hard lately to get back into shape and fit back into all my clothes! I miss being able to wear my teal dress, my lavender shorts, and my short blue dress! I was ready to make a change. More importantly, part of making changes in my life always includes writing about them and talking about them with other people.

Some things in fashion are just always linked. As much as we don't want it to be, body image and size are huge factors in the fashion world. And we all have our insecurities and problems. I think it's important to talk about it, to talk about ways to alter our thinking, or, if you're looking to, change your habits and your lifestyle! As I've reoriented Locked Out to be more of a lifestyle blog, I've tried to think of ways to write about lifestyle without coming off as a horrible know-it-all. I'm certainly not a fitness expert (just as I'm not a beauty, fashion, baking, or photography expert!) and I won't be able to tell everyone all the answers. But I think it's important, in the fashion world, to write about things that are relevant and talk through problems!

So what will Fitness Friday be about?

Every Friday, I'll be posting about these topic:
 my progress during the weeks
 any interesting fitness articles or work outs I found during the week (I'm always researching!)
 recipes I've found, healthy eating tips I've discovered, or anything related to healthy eating (including improving my own habits)
 a discussion on something else, related to the middle ground between fitness & fashion

In short: Fitness Friday will be about talking about fitness as it applies to our lives. I'm not going to encourage anyone to lose weight, because, really, if you want to lose weight, it's up to you. But frankly, if you don't want to lose weight or you can't focus on it right now or if it makes you anxious or sad... don't. It's not worth it! Instead, I want to talk about being healthy and what that means to every individual (because it's different for everybody). And I want to share ways that I've gotten healthier and learn about ways other people have gotten healthy!

If you would like to contribute to Fitness Friday in the future, you can always email me. I would love to provide multiple viewpoints with this feature!

I'm so excited to post the first Fitness Friday next week -- the day before my birthday!

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