Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! I planned to snap a few photos of my costume this morning, but I ended up running a little late. I'm dressed as "Amelia Earhart" though (I don't have a flying cap, which makes me hard to recognize...). I always use Halloween to dress against dress code a little bit -- this time, it's jeans and my aviator jacket at work!  I'm not much for dressing up (I hate spending money on one-time pieces!), but I do love a good party and who doesn't love candy? Danny and I were planning to be Carl and Ellie from Up if we ended up going to a party -- but since my family just got over being sick and it's Wednesday, after all, we'll probably just stay home tonight and watch Hocus Pocus. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween though. Stay safe out there! 

PS -- can you believe October is over!? 

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