How To Style Colorful Jeans for Work or Play!

Earlier this week, I posed a question on Twitter and I got the following response:

This question is surprisingly close to something I've been considering myself. I own one pair of colored jeans (pink) and a pair of purple corduroy jeggings. It's a struggle to figure out how to wear them to work without them looking like, well, colored jeans on a teenager! But sometimes I want the comfiness and color of my jeans and jeggings, but I still want them to look professional. I decided to go ahead and throw together a post about styling colorful jeans (not just red) for work and casual wear. 

I love this outfit -- it's definitely something I would wear as a more professional outfit. (Remember: I work in a more casual environment. If you work in a stricter office, this might not fly!) 

1. Start with a gorgeous flowy top -- I love Peter Pan collars and I love the nude-pink color of this one. 2. Pair with some high-waisted colorful jeans -- these red ones go really well with the nude-pink color, but would also look great with lots of other colors! 3. Add a nice jacket. This brings a little more structure and professionalism to an outfit. Plus, it will keep you warm! 4. Tuck your jeans into boots -- this is my number one way to disguise my skinny jeans and dress something up. Knee-high or calf-high boots look great over jeans and leather boots especially will make something look a bit more professional. 5 & 6. Add your favorite jewelry! I love flower rings and this one will look great with this top. I also love to add a few sparkly silver bangles to an outfit -- it makes everything feel a bit more lush! 

Saturday Night's Alright! (That was cheesy, I'm sorry.) Colorful jeans are a great way to spice up a night look. Plus, they'll help your friends spot you on the street and in dark clubs and bars. Bonus. 

1. Start with a biker jacket -- the perfect night-out jacket. It's warm, durable, and tough. No one will mess with you! 2. Add a sparkly top -- I love this peplum one. (I know, I've made it known that I don't love peplums, but this one is actually quite cute. Tops look better than peplum dresses!) It's cute and casual without trying too hard or being overly glitzy. 3. Pair with your favorite colorful jeans -- I love this kelly green (almost aqua) ones! They're such an unusual color for a jean. 4. Add a powerful statement necklace -- I love this gold rectangle necklace. 5. Finish with your favorite black pumps. You'll look both fun and sophisticated for a night out. 

I'll be the first to admit that I am not on the top of my game on Mondays -- nothing hurts as much as my alarm going off at 5:45 on Monday morning! I usually try to dress as comfortable as possible. This outfit isn't too racy, so it's still appropriate for a more laid back office. It's definitely something I would wear. 

1. Start with a cuddly sweater -- this pink one looks so comfortable. It doesn't have to be baggy, but I'll admit to loving an oversized sweater! 2. Pair with your most comfy colored jeans. I love these olive green ones -- they're almost khaki, so it's easy to dress them up as well as down! 3. Add your favorite sturdy black flats. They ground the outfit and keep it practical ... and from becoming too "weekend." 4. Finally, add a cute necklace. I love this one because it mimics a collar -- it's the perfect way to dress up a casual sweater.

That's it -- three ways I would wear colorful jeans to work, or out to play! The important thing to remember when it comes to styling colored jeans is to keep it adult. It's easy for colorful jeans to look very young, so pairing them with more grown up pieces -- like a sheer top, a biker jacket, or a nice blazer -- is key. 

How do you like to style your colorful jeans? Have you ever worn them to work? 


  1. I got so excited when i saw this post as i bought 4 pairs of colored jeans and couldn't pair them with anything! This post was so helpful thanks a bunch!

  2. I got so excited when i saw this post as i bought 4 pairs of colored jeans and couldn't pair them with anything! This post was so helpful thanks a bunch!


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