Mustard and Navy

Mustard top & Navy pants, Forever 21 | Leopard flats, Old Navy
Nail polish, A Little Bit Dangerous by Sephora by OPI

I know what you're thinking: that's such a creative title! 

These are the two new pieces I bought on my birthday. I actually wore the pants to work already, but not with this top. I wore this top last Thursday under my floral print dress. It's so comfortable and flowy. These pants walk the line between being flattering and not-very-flattering. I need to wash and dry them to tighten them up a bit. They are stretchy and just a bit too big around the waist and through the hips, so I think they can make me look larger than I am in some pictures. However, when I get my belt cinched up enough, they are really cute and I love them! I also need to pin down the pockets in the front and the back -- they aren't pinned down, and as I walk and move, they tend to bunch up, which isn't the cutest! I've been looking for navy cigarette length trousers (these are the shortest they will ever be on me!) for ages and while these ones aren't perfect, I'm so excited about all the ways I can wear them. 

I feel like I have a lot I want to say in this post, so I'll go ahead and get started. 

Firstly, I really debated whether or not to airbrush my face in these pictures! I've had a big of a break out in the last few days and the remnants are a large cyst on my chin and one underneath my nose. I almost brushed them out and then I decided not to. I try really hard to edit my pictures as little as possible -- I think it's just honest. This is what I really look like. If you met me on the street -- at my job or a coffee shop or where ever -- this is exactly what I would look like. Not that I think it is necessarily dishonest to edit photos. But for me, it's not something I like doing. If I do a job for someone, I will correct any blemishes on them because they are having their pictures taken for a reason. For outfit photos though, I try to show the reality. That's why I don't stage elaborate photo shoots or ridiculous settings. This is where I live; this is my backyard; this is what I really wear; and this is what my face looks like. And you can see my bra lines through my shirt. It happens. Humanity and all that!

My last bit of news is this: I've decided to cut my hair very short again. 

I know, I know! I was growing it out for the wedding. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I don't feel like "me" with my long hair. I'm not very good at doing my hair in the mornings. In fact, I would just rather not bother with it. I like to blow dry it and have it look fine, or let it air dry in an hour, and that just isn't possible with long hair... especially my hair. What, with my bald spot, my cowlicks, and my fussy bangs. I've decided to get it cut short -- I'm not sure when yet, but hopefully soon or after my next paycheck. For the wedding, I'll just get a nice, pretty headband to wear as something sort of fancy and dressy. Right now, I just want to look like how I like to look, if that makes sense. And I loved my short hair. I miss it! 

It feels so weird to be posting an outfit after so long, but also really nice. I'm going to try to get myself into a schedule again so I can at least take photos on the weekends to post during the week. I knew it was going to be hard to keep up my blog while working full-time, but I didn't think it would be this hard! However, I'm hoping to get better as time goes by. 

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! 


  1. love it! cute blouse!


  2. Isn't it wild how hard it is to maintain a blog while working full-time? Especially when you get home and it's already dark out!

    These photos are gorgeous, and I'm excited for the short hair... I always thought it suited you very well.


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