Nail Stickers, Round 2: Sally Hansen

Immediate verdict: much, much better than Just Nails brand nail stickers. 

Sally Hansen led the pack in drugstore brand nail stickers -- they're the most well-known brand selling them and the most widely available. They've been reviewed all over the place, so this review isn't the most necessary, but I thought it'd be a nice compare-and-contrast to my previous experience. 

The other night, I met Danny for dinner after work and we went to Wal-Mart to buy the Avengers (I'm considering it one of Danny's early Christmas presents...) I ended up spotting the Sally Hansen nail strips and just decided, what the heck, and bought a set. 

I'm really glad I did because I know they do seasonal versions and these things are so. much. better than both Just Nails brands and Jamberry. Have you heard of Jamberry? I hadn't. One of my coworkers ordered some Jamberry nail stickers though and hated them -- she actually gave me the other part of the package of stickers she got. They had the same problem as the ones I bought -- they were just... weirdly thick and straight and didn't curve to the nail. They were literally stickers you slap on your nail, except, as you remember from putting stickers on your face as a child, stickers are great at conforming to the human body. 

Sally Hansen's do. It's because they are nail polish. Not nail polish on a sticker. But, straight nail polish. In flat form. That stretches and bends. They're a little trickier to apply than the others -- they are way more sticky, more flexible, and more likely to fold over on itself. But I love them. Each hand's set comes in its own little package (more about this later) inside the box and you're supposed to discard any stickers you don't use (because they presumably dry out). You also get a little wooden cuticle pusher and a nail file. You open one little package for one hand, select the size of sticker, peel of the front plastic and then peel the sticker off the back plastic. From there, it's just a matter of smoothing it to your nail and using the file to trim off the excess. 

They cost $8.50 for a package (from Wal-Mart, more from other stores) and they say it's for one set of nails. Well, that's if you're not tricky. Remember how I mentioned the stickers are divided into two mini packages inside the box? I used only one of those little packages on all of my nails. I would choose a sticker size, apply it to my nail and very carefully remove the excess; I would then flip the excess over and use it on the corresponding finger on my other hand! There were a few I had to abandon but in the end, I only used half of the stickers for my hands. Which means I have another set for later! That's $4.25 for a pretty sick manicure. And so far, these babies are not chipping, bending, or doing anything weird. I full expect for them to survive 5-7 days or until I decide to take them off.

Note: After writing this post and scheduling it, I had a moment of anxiety yesterday where I peeled two nails off without realizing it. It was downhill from there. If you aren't a compulsive peeler, these babies should last a good, long time. 

Needless to say, I can't see myself ever buying another brand of nail stickers. These ones just work so much better than the other ones I've tried! Plus, they're so easily available and have tons of cool designs -- I have houndstooth right now, but I fully expect to receive some more for my birthday (ahem, hint hint) and so I plan on using these a lot. 

Sally Hansen Nail Strips, $8.50 from Wal-Mart

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