NOTD: Curve-Aceous

Two weeks ago, while Danny's parents were visiting, we went on a shopping trip with them. We ended up at Sephora -- where I got my free birthday gift -- and I also bought this polish. I'd been looking for a good maroon/oxblood color and I immediately fell in love with this one called Curve-Aceous. The color looks very pinky in these photos, but it's very true to the color of the bottle -- it's a deep red that isn't too metallic. It's a great color for fall. I love using trendy colors on my nails; even when I'm wearing a monochromatic outfit, it feels like I incorporate a piece of fall style into it.  

I took a hiatus from painting my nails for a while -- I just didn't feel like doing it for a very long time! I'm so excited to be painting my nails again though. Something about having painted nails always boosts my confidence a little -- even when I'm broken out or having a bad hair day or having a "fat"-I-wanna-stay-in-yoga-pants-all-day day, having pretty nails always makes me feel so much better! 

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  1. What a pretty color! I love Sephora - I'm such a makeup junkie! xD


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