Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo

Every year, I get a little bit too excited about claiming my free birthday gift from Sephora. To be honest, I was a little disappointed to find out the free gift had changed from a birthday cake scented body wash and bubble bath (I'm desperately low on bubble bath & have no idea when I'll be able to afford the luxury of buying more). However, I'm pretty happy with these two free little lip balms, as I seem to always be running out of lip balm, no matter how much I buy. (I'm a lip balm addict. Admittance and all that.) 

Both balms are silky smooth and lovely. The Sugar Rose is a tinted pink. I was a little worried about how bright it looked when I opened it, but the pink is just barely noticeable -- it's like the color of lips, just a bit brighter! It's a nice little addition to my handbag. It's moisturizing and adds a bit of color. 

The regular Sugar is also really nice. I keep it on my desk in my office in a little bowl for slicking on as I'm writing (or, more likely these days, researching) at my desk. It has a light, sweet smell and, on a random side note, I love the color of the tube -- metallic, dark bronze is just lovely!

For a free gift, I love these two little lip balms and I'm actually considering buying replacements for them when they run out. I've even bookmarked them on the Sephora website. They moisturize so well and glide on really well; when I find a lip balm I love, I hate to stop using it!

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  1. I am totally addicted to the Fresh lipbalms after getting one in my Birchbox. I have tried almost all of the colors at this point; the two I have currently are Coral and Honey and I just ran out of Plum. And, as you mentioned, the scent is fabulous!


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