Thankful Thursday: October 11

Everyone knows about Things I Love Thursday (or TILT). The other day, I brainstormed ways to make my blog more structured, ways to give myself something to write about. I wanted to do a Thursday feature -- one that isn't lazy, but still pretty set. I like TILTs, but to a certain extent, it can turn into a list of things people have bought or been sent. Which is fine, but not the most exciting. I decided instead to start posting things I'm thankful for -- not just things I love, but things that have taught me something during the week! 

This week, I'm thankful for... 

♥ Having access to doctors, especially a dermatologist!
♥ Finding out early that I have alopecia areata... and that it will probably grow back.
♥ Danny and his early Birthday presents!
♥ Being asked by my sister to take her family photos again.
♥ Having a job.
♥ My family & Danny's family.
♥ Doing my nails in the bathtub
♥ Pumpkin scented candles & air fresheners making my house smell like it's Thanksgiving always
♥ the fact that it's almost Halloween!

I hope you all have a really great Thursday! (PS, the date is 10-11-12!)


  1. doing your nails in the bathtub is a great idea. I cant believe I've never thought of that

  2. I love this post, such a nice idea!
    My friend told me to write down three things I'd enjoyed about each day before bed, I might post about that some time.
    Following you now :)
    Hope you'll check my blog out & let me know what you think
    Taz xx


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