Triple Performing Facial Emulsion

While I was at Sephora last weekend picking up some new nail polish and my free birthday gift, I was informed that I'd reached 100 points on my Beauty Insider card (if you love Sephora, you should probably sign up for Beauty Insider... like, right now), which meant I got to pick a fancy sample out. I picked this moisturizer by Benefit and I'm so glad I did... although I do have a few "cons" to it as well!

Pro: Look at this bottle. Even the sample is fancy! 

Con: The moisturizer is really heavy, which is great for night. I've tried it during the day, but I've found it makes my make up slide off! That's okay though: I usually use a thicker moisturizer at night anyway. 

Pro: My skin has been pretty fantastic since I started using it. My patches of dry skin on my cheeks under my eyes have gotten a lot better.

Con: This is weird, but it makes my skin taste terrible. The smell is fine. But when I moisturize, I go all out: I blindly rub it on my face, which means a bit gets on my lips. When I put it on...my lips taste terrible until I wash my face, either in the morning or at night. That's... kind of weird, right? 

All in all, if you need a heavy duty moisturizer, this is a good candidate. It feels really nice on my skin and has helped my problem (dry) areas a lot. However, if you're sensitive to tastes (as I am) and you tend to put moisturizer on your lips as well, it might not be one for you. As much as I love it, I won't be purchasing a large bottle, simply because I'm a bit concerned about the fact that it makes my skin just taste horrible. (My boyfriend has mentioned it after kissing my cheek before. Not the best for a relationship!) 

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