Colors of Fall

Dress and Top, Forever 21 / Knee highs, H&M / Oxfords, Forever 21

I realized while I was editing this pictures that I've never actually had long hair while blogging before. Not in four years. I have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of having long hair; I hate taking care of it. I hate having to blow dry it. I tried parting my hair on the opposite side today -- in the hopes of covering up my bald spot, which is still not... un-bald -- but instead my hair just all try to cover my face. Not super effective. I have really thin hair, but a lot of it. It doesn't curl; it doesn't do anything; it just gets in the way. My hair also tends to grow forward, so it naturally wants to cover my face.

Not to start this post by complaining about my hair, but seriously: I cannot wait to shop it all off. 

I'm not sure what the green spot is on some of these pictures. The sun was really bright when I started taking pictures, but then went behind a cloud; I think it may have been a reflection of some kind with my lens. It also kind of looks like a water droplet! It's only on the first 20 photos or so though, so I know it's nothing too serious. It's just kind of annoying. 

I wore this outfit last Tuesday to work. I think my favorite way to wear this dress is by layering it. I bought this dress my Sophomore year of college -- it was about two weeks before my birthday and my mom visited me! I remember it really clearly. I felt guilty for buying myself a dress (actually, I bought two) but now I'm so glad I did. This dress that I bought four years ago has been a staple of this fashion blog -- whereas some of my other dresses I've only worn once or twice! It's funny how some items I buy can so easily be transformed by other pieces I own, but there are some where I feel like I can only wear one way. I love this dress because it's so comfortable; because it layers so easily; because it's not too short; and because it seems like everything in my closet -- from my pastels to my autumn jewel tones -- goes with it!

I feel so boring -- I have nothing much else to write about! I'm excited for the Holidays to start in the next few weeks. Danny and I are headed to Idaho for Thanksgiving, which should be a nice vacation. Sometimes I feel like a very boring 24-year-old -- I work so much and then, I'm pretty much in bed by 8pm! 

I hope you all have a good Monday though. Have a good week!

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