Fitness Friday: November 16

Fitness Friday! It always sneaks up on me! Last week, I missed it -- it happens, what can I say! One thing I wanted to try was having more of a pattern to Fitness Friday -- I know Charlotte has more of a format to her posts than I do, which I like as well. I copied her pattern a wee bit this week, although I have to say Charlotte has way, way more discipline than I do or ever will. (She's just awesome that way!) 

The good news, I've lost three pounds. The bad news is that I know now why it's been so hard for me to lose weight for the past three months. (Three months guys!! I am so hungry.) The unfortunate thing is that it's a certain medication I take that is keeping me from losing weight at a normal rate -- I took a break from taking it for four days (only four days!) and I lost three pounds. I suspected before that there was something related -- a complication with my medication back in April coincided way too neatly with my weight gain -- but now that I have proof, I feel torn between wanting to stop taking it STAT and that feeling of frustration that I've been working my butt off for so long when it's one little medication that is holding me back!

I guess that's the human body though. We think our bodies are so easy to take of, so in tune, and then suddenly, it's like, "Actually, this one little pill you take everyday has been preventing your body from achieving any kind of semblance of metabolism. Har har har." Losing weight is tricky and it's even trickier when medication is involved. 

I'm still tracking my calories everyday, but I've become a lot less strict with myself. I have a tendency to stress myself out more than necessary, and I've found that I'm happier -- and I feel lighter -- when I'm not quite so, well, harsh about it. I try to stay under my calorie count, but if I don't, it's not big deal. Sometimes, I need an extra handful of tortilla chips after dinner, or an Oreo. Or I just really need to make no-bake cookies.

That being said, I've been bringing my lunch from home more at work. That's really the secret to eating less calories throughout the day: don't buy lunch. It's tastier (I'll admit that!) but 1) it's so much cheaper -- you'll save so much money bringing a sandwich, salad, or leftovers from home -- and 2) it's so much healthier. Most days I bring a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, an apple, and some carrots, or a salad with a boiled egg and lots of veggies, or leftovers from the night before (pesto pasta, eggplant parm, or homemade mac & cheese). Leftover days really are the best -- I portion out things right to have just the right amount -- and it's so nice to have something warm and homemade for lunch!

I try to stick with working out 4 days a week or so. Again, it's one of those things I've become less strict with myself about! I usually work out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and then one or two other days during the week, depending on how I'm feeling. Sometimes, I'm so tired and stressed after work that it won't be worth it to stop and hit the gym before I go home -- it'll just make me more tired, more stressed, and more cranky.

I love Weekend Workouts though because I can be nice and relaxed and I tend to work out longer. I usually do only 30 minutes on weeknights, but on weekends, I go work out in the morning and I will do 40 minutes or sometimes more. Since the gym is less crowded as well, I can also do some weight lifting without feeling like everyone is staring at me! It's so nice to go home afterward and feel like I've accomplished something huge for the day and I can enjoy the rest of the weekend in peace.

I redid an old C25K workout last weekend and it was so much easier. I'd finished it before, but this time, it was just a breeze! It's crazy to think that I'm in such better shape these days -- my lung capacity is higher, my endurance is greater, and I'm so much more in tune with my body and aware of how exercise is making a difference!

I feel really good about the last week. I feel a lot better about myself and lot more content with my body. I'm realizing that I'm starting to really see how my body looks, instead of being obsessed and seeing things that aren't real! I'm glad I've gotten to this point -- I still have a lot of bad days where I don't feel good about myself or it seems like nothing in my closet fits. But those days are fewer and farther in between than before! And personally, that's a huge goal for me. I feel healthier and I feel so much happier. 

How are you all doing on your fitness and health goals this week?

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  1. Something I have found to help me loose my weight was not eating out too much. Even snacks like a sandwich you would have for lunch is better from home like you said. I also look at menu's before I head out online. For example Nando's is quite high in calories and I foudn a good meal for about 500 which is still a lot but for Nando's is really good :)

    I also eat more salad and fruit. I also learnt not to be too strict on myself too because it can lead you to be unhappy which is not good.

    Great blog lovely xo




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