Inspiration Sunday: November 18

Do you guys ever read something, or just read a news article or something, and it snaps you out of everything and you realize, "Oh my god, it could be so much worse"? I'm a natural pessimist (which I think is a rare thing to admit as a fashion blogger, but it's true) so I struggle to look on the bright side of things. But this week I've been watching a ton of youtube videos in my spare time.

A few months ago, I subscribed to Talia Castellano's youtube channel. She's a beauty vlogger and she's only 13 -- and if you like beauty products, or are just a human being, you should subscribe to her channel. I subscribed after reading an article about her, but I just recently started watching her videos. She has two forms of cancer and is right now trying to decide if she wants to continue treatment (which would be painful and potentially not successful) or just live the rest of her life without worrying about it. Her videos are completely, 100% inspiring. I cannot believe that such a young person is facing what she is facing and is not breaking down. I'm a pessimist and a wimp -- when I was 13, I could barely handle a cold. She's so amazing. She is an amazing beauty blogger, for one, and does amazing tutorials, but just in general, it's really great to see someone with so much spirit. It makes me want to work to be a better person.

This week has really be about finding reality again. I think when anyone is having a hard time, they sometimes have a real difficulty seeing out of it. It's hard to see the other side of an uphill battle. But this week I started to feel a lot better and I'm starting to see that while things are not great right now, they could certainly be worse and eventually, they can end and they will end and it's all about staying upright until they happens. It's very easy to lie down and let it all wash over you. While it's a lot more work to keep going and trying and pushing against the negative, it's ultimately more rewarding.

I'm SO excited for Thanksgiving. Danny and I will be in Idaho on a mini-vacation, but I have a TON of posts coming this week in celebration of Thanksgiving. Lots of recipes, a packing post, and a very special Fitness Friday.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday!

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