InstaLife: November 12

I haven't written one of these posts in ages, but I feel bad about abandoning this blog lately! Here's what I've been up to. 

1-3: My birthday! Danny and I went and bought pumpkins and carved them. Danny entertained me at the pumpkin patch by posing with the children's cut outs!

4: I also bought myself some Christmas cookie cutters for my birthday. 

5-6: My parents took Danny and I to Hood River for my birthday. This is what I wore... topped off with my big green parka. (Not fashionable, but so comfy!) 

7: The new mini gum packs are adorable, but kind of a rip off. Only six pieces!? 

8: I love my orange nails... and my Halloween notepad!

9-10: I made candy corn rice crispies! Danny loved them. They were really time consuming, but the effect was very cute!

11: Starbucks now sells their salted caramel hot cocoa AND their peppermint cocoa in packets. Just so you know. 

12: Candy corn nail! I got so many compliment on these nails... I wish I'd taken better pictures of them!

13: Fall! I love the trees. 

14: These are my mom's pumpkins outside her house. The one that says "Boo" she actually grew in her garden!

15: Sparkly green nails. A nice break from the orange them. 

16: Danny and I went out one evening and he wore socks with sandals. I can't blame him. I wore leggings out and about over the weekend!

17: Remus! Danny and I have a puppy waiting for us in Idaho and it's driving us crazy. Look at this little guy! 

18: Outfit photos. I'm trying to get back into the habit of at least caring about what I wear. 

19: I'm one of those annoying people that gets excited about red cups. I realize it's just a red Starbucks cup, but it's the season. I love Christmas. I love winter. I love the few days before Christmas. If I could make the week surrounding Christmas last all year, I would. It's so great!

20: Danny and I have our tree and stockings up... oh and a new wood stove! 

21: On Saturday, Danny and I had went on a date! I treated us to lunch at Five Guys because I've been having fantasies about hamburgers for a ridiculous amount of time. 

22: We then treated ourselves to some pre-packaged Muddy Buddies (I had no idea this existed) and went to see a movie (Skyfall). The muddy buddies were disappointing. The movie was not. 

23: London Pub malt vinegar! Danny and I finally remembered to buy a bottle and I have not stopped putting it on everything yet. 

24: I bought Remus a stockin because he needs to feel included. Look out cute it is with ours! 

I hope you all have a great Monday!

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