Love and Beauty Make Up Remover Cleansing Wipes

I've never been a huge fan of face wipes. I feel like they can make my skin feel sticky and dry at the same time and don't remove as much oil, dirt, and make up as I would like. Which leads to the inevitable question of why I bought these.

The reason is: the packaging. 

I was in Forever 21 to buy a party dress -- it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving and Danny and I were in Boise, having fun and doing a little shopping. At the check out, I spotted a variety of make up wipes and thought, "hm, I wonder how well they work." I picked these ones for the plain and simple reason that I liked the plain black packaging with polka dots and pink text.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for polka dots.

I've had a lot of luck with Forever 21 make up products -- they're inexpensive, but work surprisingly well. My "summer blush" (a peachy-pink shade that I'd spend months searching for) is in a $2 pack from Forever 21. Some of my favorite nail polish is from Forever 21. Long story short: I really love the Love and Beauty products from Forever 21. 

Now, onto the wipes. 

First things first, these wipes do exactly what they say they'll do: they remove your make up. I've been using them to remove my mascara every night -- it's the one thing I have a hard time scrubbing off when I wash my face. They do an excellent job of slicking away my end-of-the-night oily foundation, blush, and mascara. However, they do still leave my face with that... how do I describe it? Sticky, still-not-very-clean feeling. I never go a night without washing my face, though, so it's not a huge problem. 

I've been using these for about a few days now, and I haven't noticed them causing any break outs or making any blemishes worse. If something is going to disrupt my skin, it makes that obvious early on! They would make great wipes for travelling; they aren't as messy as carrying a bottle of wash (and in American airports, you'll be able to carry these on!). 

These wipes were only $2.80 for 30, which is a great deal. I'll be using them consistently because they quicken my nightly routine. However, I probably won't repurchase them -- they work great, but aren't necessarily something I want to shell out cash for consistently!

Love & Beauty Make Up Remover Cleansing Wipes, $2.80 at Forever 21

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