Thanksgiving 2012: Packing

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that toes the line between formal and informal. It's not quite as carefree as the Fourth of July -- the weather in general dictates that! -- but it's also not quite as formal as Christmas or New Year's. It's firmly settled in the middle! If you travel for Thanksgiving, it can make things a little difficult to pack. Do you bring the hard-to-wrinkle casual clothes or the fussy formal attire? I like to keep things simple, so I thought I'd show you all what I'm packing! 

Meet the ugliest suitcase in the world! I hate the look of this suitcase, but it has the best design. It's my absolute favorite. I bought it for $30 in the Las Vegas airport because my bag had broken while at the check-in counter. It has a handle and wheels, so it can roll, but it also has soft handles to carry it -- it doesn't cut into your hand at all. It's surprisingly roomy and has a ton of pockets. For being from a sketchy Las Vegas airport shop, it's really, really great... if quite ugly. After four years of college -- and four years of back-and-forth between home and school -- I've learned that a good suitcase, bag, or duffel bag is essential for easy packing. It needs lots of pockets, lots of room, and easy ways to maneuver it. 

First off, tops. I find the best way to pack for holidays is to pack separates. For tops, I packed:

  • three pretty tops: a sheer mustard blouse from Forever 21, a polka dot tank with lace detail from American Eagle, and a star-print blouse from American Eagle
  • one thin sweater: a polka dot pullover from Old Navy
  • two camisoles: navy blue and white
  • one thick sweater: my fair isle print sweater from H&M
  • one cardigan (that matches everything): a gray cardigan from Forever 21
I picked this combination of tops because they are easy to mix-and-match. I stuck with a simple black/navy, white, and yellow color scheme, with a gray cardigan added that matches everything. I also went for comfort over anything else -- no need to be fussy on vacation!

For bottoms, I selected three that were easy to mix and match with the tops I've chosen. My black pencil skirt from Forever 21 was a sure-fire pick -- it can be casual or dressy depending on what I pair it with. I also picked my favorite dark wash skinny jeans from American Eagle because they are so comfortable and can be worn with my black boots or flats and any of the tops I've packed! I also picked my cigarette trousers from Forever 21 -- they are navy blue and skinny, but a little bit more dressy than jeans. I can also pair them with most of the tops I've packed. They are also really comfortable, making them great for traveling, and very wrinkle resistant for dress pants!

I'll be wearing my black boots while travelling -- the easiest way to bring a pair of boots on vacation is, honestly, to wear them while traveling! I always pack a pair of neutral, comfy flats -- this time I'm bringing my leopard print flats from Old Navy because they look great with gray, black, and navy blue, the colors I've packed! 

A few things I always make sure to pack are: 
  • Two pairs of tights: one color or pattern, and then black. Your 2nd best black pair (because you don't want to risk leaving your favorites behind). 
  • A pair of leggings or yoga pants -- because they can be great for random lazy days underneath a dress or with a good top. I love my skinny yoga pants from Aerie. 
  • A good coat. This is common sense, but if you, like me, are travelling from a moderate climate to a colder one, make sure to pack your warmest coat! I'll be taking my new wool coat with me.
  • A lint roller. Because, well, sometimes things get linty. 
  • An extra outfit. Even if I'm planning on only being gone two or three days, I like to pack about four days worth of outfits. If I spill something or the plan for the day ends up changing, I have more options! This is, again, where packing separates comes in handy. 
When I pack, I like to fold everything in half and then roll it up -- it prevents a lot of wrinkles and frees up a lot of space. I wrap my packed shoes in extra shopping bags so they don't get any of my clothes dirty. Toiletries are packed into plastic bags (you can reuse small Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe bags for this!) and then packed into a make up bag. 

I usually put my shoes on the bottom, them pants, then sweaters and cardigans, then tops and camisoles. On top, I always pack my make up bag and pajamas -- because those will be the things you want out first when you get where you're going!

What are you packing for Thanksgiving? Do you have any tips? 

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