A Merry Little Christmas: Christmas Party Inspiration

I've been collecting tons of images for holiday inspiration lately -- from decor to fashion to nail designs, I cannot stop saving pictures to my hard drive! I thought I'd share a few of my favorites here & what they're inspiring me to think about! 

♥ Homemade ornaments -- or cute, novelty sized ornaments! ♥ Taking long walks through downtown, roped with string lights! ♥ Knit stockings on a garland ♥ Red, white, and silver color schemes, with tons of woodsy textures & accents of evergreen & brown

♥ Tons & tons & tons of string lights! ♥ Making a wreath ♥ Baking cookies using candy cane Hershey kisses (!) ♥ Cozy fires in the wood stove & brewing tea on top! ♥ Fair isle nails (let me repeat: fair isle nails!!!!)

♥ Snowman meringues... and cookies... and cake balls ♥ Using candy canes, crushed peppermints, and peppermint extract in everything ♥ Plugging in the Christmas tree in the morning -- even though I'll only be there for an hour! -- just because ♥ Getting to decorate at work ♥ Finally being able to listen to Christmas music without guilt

♥Red and white everything  ♥ Cookie exchange parties with ugly sweaters, tons of cider, and plenty of non-sugary snacks ♥ Wrapping packages in simple packaging with cute, homemade bows (I recently learned how to make cute bows out of old magazines!!) ♥ Lighting candles when I get home -- and making all my candles look pretty with decorative votives, plates, whatever!

I'm so excited for Christmas. What's inspiring you?

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