A Merry Little Christmas: A December Series!

Mid to late December is probably my favorite time of the year. I love that it gets dark out so early and everyone has Christmas lights up, so it's not quite so dreary to drive home from work. I love driving on the Interstate in the evening and seeing the huge Christmas trees that shopping centers put up. I love paper snowflakes on windows, those cheesy window paints that diners always do, and everyone being just a little bit happier because it's almost Christmas.

This year, I thought I'd do a month-long blog feature called A Merry Little Christmas to celebrate the holiday! I'll be posting my holiday diys for decorating your house, tree, and present, recipes, and gift guides (including the ever important "gifts not to get anyone, seriously" gift guide), as well as some posts related to other winter holidays as well, including Hanukkah! Mostly, I just want to celebrate the oh-so-good feeling of December and carry it all through the month.

If you have any ideas for Christmas posts, or anything you just want to see, send them my way!

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