A Merry Little Christmas: Holiday Party Outfits!

Picking out outfits is hard. Picking out outfits when you have a bunch of different Christmas parties to attend is even harder. It's all about the situation, proper planning, and picking the proper pieces and accessories. I put together a few outfits I would wear this holiday season!


School Christmas

School parties are the easiest because you can pretty much wear whatever you want... unless you are younger and attend a school with a dress code. I love pairing comfy sweaters (I love this fair isle one!) with sassier skirts -- this skater skirt is adorable. You'll be comfortable and warm, and cute, without being overly exposed. Pair with a cute necklace, some trendy earrings, and sparkly flats.


Untitled #167

Here are two outfits I would wear to a work holiday party -- it really depends on your work environment and the type of party they're throwing! The work holiday party I'm attending is very formal, so I would wear the outfit on the right: a nice, modest dress with a structured jacket to keep my warm, some modest pumps, and a simple, pretty ring.

But, if you work somewhere that's have a more casual holiday party, you can totally wear the outfit on the left. A cute, comfy patterned dress topped with a cute, cable knit cardigan or sweater, paired with black tights and embellished flats. You can throw on your favorite costume jewelry to complete the ensemble!


Family Christmas

Family holiday get togethers are the most fun, but can also be the trickiest. I think everyone has one overly judgmental relative they have to, essentially, dress to avoid! Family parties are almost always casual, but you still want to look cute for photos. I love pairing soft sweater dresses -- this mustard-colored one is so cute -- with comfy leggings and furry boots. (I know fuzzy boots aren't the most fashionable things, but let's just admit we all own a pair and we all love them.) Top the outfit off with a pretty necklace or a set of bracelets and a warm cardigan.


Untitled #166
Have a friend throwing a holiday dinner party? Or a secret Santa party to attend?

These two outfits are purrfect (puns!) for a night out OR in with friends. I couldn't decide between the white or black cat dress (let's be real, I want them both) so I made outfits for either. I would definitely wear the white version to a dinner party -- paired with some cute, comfy flats, a leather jacket (for a little edge!), and a fancy necklace, it's the perfect mix of girly and touch, quirky and cute. For a night out for Christmas, I would wear the black version -- mostly because it won't show if you spill anything on it! Pair with some oxfords (I love these black and white ones), a sparkly jacket or cardigan, and some feathered earrings, and it's a great outfit for dancing, drinks, or dinner (or, all three).

What are you wearing to your holiday parties this year? 


  1. I'm obsessed with that cat dress! But...how would, ahem, things stay in place? I got invited to ugly sweater parties so no fancy dresses for me. I did however, post what I would like to wear over on my blog. I'd be flattered if you checked it out! http://www.roadtotheheart.com/2012/12/holiday-dress-ideas-for-off-beat-gal.html

    1. I wear camisoles under EVERYTHING, so that's my solution! I would just wear a black or white camisole underneath. ;)

    2. Oh and I'll be sure to check out your post as well. :)


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